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4th of July/Patriotic

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Pie Is for Sharing book
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Pie Is for Sharing
Written by Stephanie Ledyard & illustrated by Jason Chin
Thoughts from Children's Lit Love
Do you love books that help your children develop generous, sharing hearts? Or books highlighting gentle, warm diversity? Definitely check this one out! There is a subtle focus on the 4th of July, but the main takeaways of this book are on community, play, and sharing, making it perfect for teamwork and cooperation, too. Ages 2-6.
picture book
Recommend Ages: 2-6

A picnic, a beach, a pie cut into pieces and shared with good friends. Pie is for sharing. It starts off round, and you can slice it into as many pieces as you want. What else can be shared? A ball, of course. A tree? What about time? Through the course of one memorable Fourth of July picnic, Stephanie Ledyard and Jason Chin take young readers through the ups and downs of sharing in this lovely picture book.

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