Extension Activities: Travel the World

Make a Wish, Midas!, Choo! Choo! Guess That Vehicle, and Color Wonder: Hooray for Spring

Reading is even more fun and meaningful when books come alive. Here’s a few extension activities for each book this month to get you started.

Make a Wish, Midas!

This book is a simple, fun introduction to the Greek myth of Midas’ golden touch in terms a child can understand! We HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking the time to read the full myth on the last page--it will increase your enjoyment of the book even more!

Activity Ideas:
  1. Make a Midas Crown—Midas was a king! Using construction paper, cardstock or cardboard, cut out a crown. Decorate it with your favorite things! Midas loved yellow, so he would use yellow to decorate his crown.
  2. Make a painting—Can you paint using only the color yellow? What would you paint? As you paint your picture, think of lots of things that are yellow. How many do you see in the room around you? Add them to your painting and share them with a family member. If they don’t know the story of Midas, ask them to read the book with you again!

Choo! Choo! Guess That Vehicle

We love the versatility of this book—use it to highlight vehicles, sounds, animals or lifestyles! The flaps are sturdy enough for even the roughest readers (and easy to open) and the cute, colorful illustrations make it fun for solo perusal or read aloud.

Activity Ideas:
  1. Memorizing—These chunky flap books are great for memorizing. Ask your kids about things that on the other side of the flap to help them work on their memorization skills. You may be surprised how much they remember. Try and change it up to help them learn different items. You could also ask your kids to test you on your memorization skills!
  2. Looking for vehicles—Take a walk or bike ride and look for these vehicles in your neighborhood or city. There are lots out and about! Make a list of how many different vehicles you see as you go. Ask a grown up to help you draw a picture of each one in the book.

Color Wonder: Hooray for Spring

Kids can have a hands-on experience mixing and matching colors without the mess of painting in this celebration of spring! The quality rhyming text and bold illustrations are the cherry on top of this cleverly constructed interactive book.

Activity Ideas:
  1. Outside scavenger hunt—Spring has sprung! There are so many beautiful things to see, smell and experience. Time for an outdoor scavenger hunt! Look for the following things and maybe ask a grown up to help you take a picture of them:
    • Ladybug
    • Honey or Bumble bee
    • Flower
    • Birds
    • Butterfly
    Good luck on your scavenger hunt. When you get home, maybe you could draw a picture of all the things you saw today on your hunt.
  2. Have a rainbow lunch—Do you like to eat fresh fruits and veggies? Have you noticed they come in many colors? Ask your grown up to help you choose foods that would form the colors of a rainbow! Draw a picture of your favorite foods in each color in the book.