Extension Activities

Eyes, Planes, Trains and Animobiles, and Touch and Feel: Animals

Reading is even more fun and meaningful when books come alive. Here’s a few extension activities for each book this month to get you started.


This gem uses bright, gorgeous illustrations to focus on the uniqueness of animal eyes in a way that is simply riveting. Make each animal sound as you read through for the ultimate reading experience! **Meet author/illustrator Michael E. Smith on the Bookroo blog!***

Here are a few ideas for activities to get you started:

Activity 1: Object Relay - Invite a few friends or siblings to play along. Taking turns, pass items back and forth and ask your child to keep a close eye on it. Pass the items between the legs, over head and on either side. You could make it more fun by having a bucket of items at the front of the line and an empty bucket at the back to place the items in. Quiz your child on which items went by!

Activity 2: Sound Bingo - Make a list of pictures that have sounds (such as farm animals, cars, planes) and print out Play familiar sounds for your child and ask them to point to the corresponding picture. Then ask the child to make the noises back to you as you point to the different pictures.

Planes, Trains and Animobiles

This book mixes animal and vehicles names into punny combinations with delightfully colorful and silly illustrations! The rhyming text and plethora of adorable animals to spot throughout make it even more fun!

Here are a few activity ideas to get you started:

Activity 1: Shoe Box Trains - Collect shoe boxes (or similar sized boxes) to make trains! Cut out wheels and add them to either side of the box. Allow your child the creative freedom to decide how many wheels, what colors, etc. they would like to use. Build as many as you like and string them together for a fun pull along toy.

Activity 2: Handprint Airplane - Start by cutting out the body of a plane and add windows and a propellor. Dig your child’s hands in paint and place on paper to create handprints. Let them dry and then attach to the body of the plane. Ask your child to make plane noises and fly it around. Ask them to pretend their plane is going on a trip and ask them to tell you about where it is going.

Image source: https://www.craftymorning.com/

Touch and Feel: Animals

Full of fluffy-tailed bunnies, sparkly-scaled fish, and soft kittens, this book has lots of textures little hands will love to explore. As a bonus, these animals are super smiley, helping to cheer up readers big and small!

Here are a few activity ideas to get you started:

Activity 1: Animal Yoga - Ask your child to choose an animal that represents themselves. Look up the corresponding yoga pose (there is one for almost every animal) and help them learn how to recreate it. Invite them to choose more animals to start developing their own practice. Yoga is a great for balance, coordination and strengthens the mind/body connection.

Image source: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/67/28/95/672895c20a0e731b8d8b35f3d9117560.jpg

Activity 2: Sand Painting - Grab a paintbrush and head to your local playground or use sand you have at home. Paint pictures in the sand of the different animals from the book. You could add sharp lines, flowing lines or polka dots!