Extension Activities

Russell the Sheep, Shapes, and I Love You Little Pumpkin

Reading is even more fun and meaningful when books come alive. Here’s a few extension activities for each book this month to get you started.

Russell the Sheep

  • Have your child look for the frog on every page as you read through the book.
  • Ask them if they remember a time when they had trouble falling asleep. Ask them what things they can think of to try to help themselves fall asleep.
  • Talk about your child’s bedtime routine as you go through the book. Have them point out what they do to get ready for bed that Russell (or the other sheep do).
  • Count different things that you can see with your child. Try to count as high as your child (and their attention span!) can handle… even if you don’t quite make it to six hundred million billion and ten!
  • Play pretend and put a favorite stuffed animal or toy to bed.
  • Go on an outing to visit some local sheep (if possible!)

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  • Have your child count the shapes on each page aloud.
  • Have you child run their finger over the page to see if they can feel each shape. If your child is a little older, have them close their eyes and tell you when they think they are on a shape just by feeling.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt around your house for an item that is the correct shape for each page.
  • Cut shapes of different colors out of construction paper and have them match the shapes together.
  • As you go about your normal day-to-day activities, ask your child to identify what shape something is. Depending on their age, you can focus on just one shape at a time (identifying circles all week) or multiple shapes at once.

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I Love You Little Pumpkin

  • Talk about different ways you can say “I love you!” (Sign language, saying it in different languages, showing it by doing nice things, etc.)
  • Watch for fall activities/decorations you see in the book (corn, pumpkins, apples, wreaths, etc.) as you’re out and about. Point them out to your child and remind them of the ones they’ve seen in real life as you read the book.
  • If you celebrate Halloween, start prepping your child’s (or your family’s) Halloween costume(s). If you’re starting early enough, let your child help!
  • Paint mini pumpkins.
  • Cut pumpkins out of construction paper and have your child decorate the pumpkin. To add in some shapes, also cut triangles for pasting on your jack-o-lantern!

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