Extension Activities: Travel the World

Peekaboo! In the Jungle, Hopper & Wilson, and We’re Going To The Farmers’ Market

Reading is even more fun and meaningful when books come alive. Here’s a few extension activities for each book this month to get you started.

Peekaboo! In the Jungle

High contrast illustrations make these fun jungle animals easily identifiable for a child’s dearly beloved game of peekaboo, with gigantic flaps adding to the enjoyment! This is one they’ll want and be able to “read” solo!

Activity Ideas:
  1. Memorizing & Imagination—This book has the most wonderful chunky flaps to help your child with memorization. As you read the book, ask them questions like: what is the tiger going to do or what color are the crocodiles teeth? Kids can also use their imagination to think of why the animals are doing certain things. For instance, what song do you think the frog is croaking? Can you croak like a frog? Children love to imitate animals!
  2. Outside Playtime—Take your kids outside and ask them to do their best impersonations of all the things the animals are doing. Can they swing on the play structure like a monkey? Maybe they will even take a nap like the crocodile at the end.

Hopper & Wilson

A classic tale of adventure and friendship told with beautiful watercolor illustrations, Hopper and Wilson gives you the chance to do silly voices with all the dialog as well as discuss more serious subjects!

Activity Ideas:
  1. Best Friends Coloring Activity—Do you have a best friend? Would you go on an adventure with them, like Hopper and Wilson? Imagine you could go anywhere! Where would you go? Draw a picture of yourself and your best friend on an adventure together. Do you have a cactus and a balloon with a red string? If so, add them to your drawing. Share this picture with your best friend and ask a grown up to read Hopper and Wilson to you both. Happy sailing!
  2. Taking Care of a Cactus—Taking care of a cactus is something everyone can do! Pick one up at your local nursery or home improvement store. They require minimal water and attention but are beautiful and come in many shapes and sizes. Want something with a little less poke? Try a succulent instead. They come in various colors and sizes and require as much attention as a cactus. Maybe it could come on your next adventure with you!

We’re Going To The Farmers’ Market

Stephan Page’s modern graphic style exposes children to the concept of farmers’ markets and cooking in a fun, upbeat way that will have kids on the lookout for fresh fruits and veggies—Hooray!

Activity Ideas:
  1. Family trip—This book is a wonderful example of all the yummy, fresh things you can find at a farmers market. As you look through this book with your children, look for items you would like to incorporate into a meal you make together. Children love to help in the kitchen and they will really enjoy being part of the shopping trip too. While you are at the market, be sure to ask the farmers and stand tenants about the produce they grow. Ask your children to come up with questions to ask the farmers, such as: how do you grow this fruit or how do bees make honey? Not sure how to find your local farmers market? Check out this website for help.
  2. Produce Puppets—Puppets are so much fun to make and they can be a great way to enhance the story. Make puppets of the different produce items you can see in the book. Use different materials to get different textures, colors and dimensions. Cut and sew a fruit out of felt and stuff with fluff to make a 3D piece. There are lots of ways to make puppets about the produce in this book. Help your child use their imagination to create something that is meaningful for them.

Image credit: http://hopingforrocketships.blogspot.com/2015/10/felt-food.html