Extension Activities

Lily Wool and Edward Built a Rocketship

Reading is even more fun and meaningful when books come alive. Here’s a few extension activities for each book this month to get you started.

We’d like to welcome back Graceann from Creating a Heavenly Haven, who’s created some wonderful activities to help you enjoy this month’s picture books even more. She has an undergrad in Early Childhood Education, a Masters in Education, and is currently homeschooling her three adorable kiddos.

Lily Wool

We huge fans of these activities Graceann and her kiddos created to help Lily Wool come to life and LOVE the variety of easy, yet confidence building things to do. You’ll definitely want to go read her blog post for the full details, but here’s a little preview. You and your little readers can:

  • Finger knit little animals (Don’t be intimidated! It’s fun and easy and includes a video tutorial!)
  • Weave a hammock for a favorite little toy
  • Create a yarn pumpkin
  • Open discussion ideas for talking about our differences

View the full activities here.

Edward Built A Rocketship

We love how the clever rhyming text keeps up the pace, while the comic book style segmentation of illustrations take us step by step through Edward’s adventure of imagination. His preparation, rocketship invention and journey through space provide lots of jumping off points for your own adventure.

You can view full details of the activities here on Graceann’s blog, so we just wanted to give you a sneak preview. She’ll give you details on:

  • Creating toilet paper rocketships
  • Doing a rocketship collage craft
  • A fun way to teach your kids some real science facts about the solar system

View the full activities here.