Extension Activities

Landshark and Rock-a-bye Room

Reading is even more fun and meaningful when books come alive. Here’s a few extension activities for each book this month to get you started.


We’d like to introduce Vicki from Babies2Bookworms who has created some truly INCREDIBLE picture book activities specificially for you. We’re huge fans on her blog and all she does to make reading come alive--thanks Vicki. Here’s just a sneak peek of a few of the activities. To view them all and get the specifics, visit her site here.

To view the rest of the Landshark activities (they’re so clever and easy!) read Vicki’s blog post!

Discussion Questions

  • Talk about different behaviors that are good and bad throughout the book and link them to your child’s behavior. (Should we say thank you when someone gives us a present instead of sulking if we don’t like it? What if grandma gave you XXX for your birthday--what should you say? Should we laugh at people when they’re upset or say something silly? Bring up example your child will recognize about being nice and how that made people feel or being unkind and how there is room for improvement. Was Bobby a good listener when his mom asked him to give Bobby a bath? How can you be a good listener?)
  • Do you think a shark would make a good pet? Why?
  • Is that how we should react when someone gets us a gift? (Be grateful, say thank you!)
  • How can we take care of our things?

Rock-a-bye Room

Vicki created some more fantastic activities for this book too! Here’s just a sneak peek of a few of the activities (moon lacing and a night sensory bottle!). To view them all and get the specifics, visit her site here.

To view the rest of the Rock-a-bye Room activities including a night time matching game and more moon art read Vicki’s blog post!

Keep talking

  • Reference the parts of the book that pertain to your bedtime routine as you get your child ready for bed (Let’s put away our toys! It’s like we’re tucking them in like the little girl does in Rock-a-bye Room!) and remind your child of their own bedtime routine as they read Rock-a-bye Room!
  • Take a break as you read the book to teach your child nursery rhymes that get referenced (Little Boy Blue, Humpty Dumpty, Rock-a-bye Baby, etc.)
  • If you like rock and roll at your house, watch for references to iconic rock-and-roll and point them out to your children.
  • Ask your child what THEIR favorite bedtime book is when you reach the page about the mom and baby reading.