10 Books We Sent Our Readers

Published 3 years ago

So what kind of books does Bookroo send? Well, that’s a very good question and I’m glad you asked. The following is a list of my personal top 10 favorites we’ve sent out this year and it is a good reflection of the type of books we send. Before these books entered our extensive review process, I’d never heard of any them. Now, though, I can’t imagine our personal library without these treasures!

Without further ado…

My Favorite Picture Books

1. Cuckoo!

In this delightful story from Fiona Roberton, Cuckoo sets out to find someone, or something, that understands him. His searching introduces him to wonderful new friends, but will he ever find one that speaks his language? Cuckoo! combines charming penciled illustrations with a tender storyline to create a heartwarming tale that is certain to become a favorite. After young readers have read it several times, they’ll enjoy noticing how the illustrations tie together throughout the story!

2. Ribbit!

“Why is there a pig in our pond?” the frogs wonder. And why does he think he’s a frog? This adorable story follows the surprise visit of a pig to the pond and his adventure to make new friends. Written by Rodrigo Folgueira and illustrated by Poly Bernatene, Ribbit! is sure to have your kids giggling at a cute pig that’s just trying to fit in.

3. Oliver’s Tree

Oliver’s Tree is a charming story from–and the debut children’s book of–writer and artist Kit Chase. Beautiful watercolors combine with skillful pen-and-ink illustrations to introduce readers to three friends struggling to make their playdate a success. Chase’s carefully crafted storyline unfolds the power of creative problem solving and thoughtfulness in a fun, memorable fashion. We especially enjoy the personality and variety displayed in the size and presentation of the illustrations, from full page paintings to uniquely framed character introductions and storyboard style arrangements.

4. To the Sea

To the Sea is a beautifully illustrated story from Cale Atkinson about Tim, a young boy that feels invisible. That is until Tim meets Sam, a huge blue whale that took a wrong turn and got stuck. The two become fast friends and learn what it means to be there for each other. We love Atkinson’s unique illustration style and his ability to capture a world of emotion in tiny brushstrokes.

5. Max’s Castle

While Max’s brothers initially aren’t very impressed with Max’s letter blocks, they quickly see the adventures that await when Max adds some imagination and fantastic wordsmithing. In Max’s Castle, award-winning author Kate Banks and illustrator Boris Kulikov take young readers on an exciting journey that changes every moment with the simple twist of a block.

My Favorite Board Books

6. On My Beach

Award-winning art director Sara Gillingham authors this warm tale, On My Beach, from the bestselling In My series. The story is brought to life by illustrations from artist Lorena Siminovich–not to mention a felt crab finger puppet, which is sure to delight young readers!

7. Chuckling Ducklings

Puggle. Cria. Cygnet. Thought you knew your baby animals? Think again! Author and illustrator Aaron Zenz presents a delightful introduction to baby animal names in Chuckling Ducklings and Baby Animal Friends. With fun illustrations, this book gives children and adults alike the chance to discover the proper terms for everything from baby porcupines to baby eels.


What’s That Noise? Snap! Snap! is part of a guess-the-noise series from Cocoretto Illustration, a Chicago-based author/illustrator duo. Children will love exploring this lift the flap book to discover which animals match which sounds.

9. Little Oink

What’s the proper way for a little piglet to behave? In Little Oink, author Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrator Jen Corace present a delightful story of a little piglet struggling to figure out what his “best behavior” actually looks like. Clever and witty, Little Oink’s predicament introduces readers to irony at a level even young readers will understand and enjoy.

10. I Love You Night and Day

Tender rhymes and whimsical illustrations combine for a touching story about the depth, breadth, and enduring nature of love. I Love You Night and Day, from author Smriti Prasadam-Halls and illustrator Alison Brown, will warm any child’s (or parent’s!) heart.

So, in answer to your question, these are the types of books we send. We’d love to help books like these find a place in your home as well as ours, so if you haven’t already, sign up for Bookroo!

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