20 Best Babysitters from Literature

Published 3 years ago

We did a really great job of having date night before baby F was born--when there's just the two of you pretty much every night is date night as we define it now--but now that we've got a munchkin, if we want a night out on the town, we need a babysitter. While there's really no better babysitter than grandma, we polled our community to see which literary character YOU'd like to babysit your kids. Here's what you said.

Mary Poppins: practically perfect in every way, administers medicine, provides delightful adventures

Ms. Frizzle: experienced teacher, crowd management skills, kids are sure to learn something

Hermione: responsible, kind, will read to your kids before bedtime, can fix anything

Hagrid: biggest heart ever, incredible human jungle gym

Dobby: would literally give his life to protect your kiddos, can do crazy parlor tricks

Mrs. Weasley: experienced mother, cooks and cleans, loving, no-nonsense

Katniss: looks out for the little guy, takes great care of her younger sister

The Cat in the Hat: knows how to make it fun even if it's raining outside

Balou: incredible survival skills, loving, minimalist mindset

Fern: compassionate, knows how to take care of babies

Santa: loves kids, makes great toys, available 364 days a year

Any of the girls from The Babysitters Club: experienced babysitters, great babysitting kits

Any of the girls from Little Women: responsible, loving, put on great plays

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle: has magical cures for bad habits (enough said!)

Mother Goose: knows great bedtime stories/rhymes, years of experience

Horton the Elephant: believes a person's a person no matter how small

Anne of Green Gables: no-nonsense, tells great stories, enjoys the great outdoors, grand ideas

Snow White: capable of looking after 7 little people at a time, cheery disposition, cleans

Llama Llama Gram and Grandpa: grandparents witha little extra llama silly

Mrs. Josphine Rabbit: has four children of her own including a trouble maker

Turns out, according to our community, the Harry Potter series is chuck full of fantastic babysitting candidates. We have to say we agree with them, but the real takeaway for us was what magnificent role models can be found within the pages of books, if we would only seek them out.

Which literary character would YOU like to babysit your kids? Tell us below, and follow us on Facebook to participate in our FREE BOX FRIDAY giveaways each week!

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