21 Ways To make Reading Fun This Summer

Published 4 years ago

We're lucky to have a vibrant community of readers who are willing to share their tips and tricks with us and (by extension) you! Read on for 21 ways that real families keep kids of all ages excited about reading all summer long and if you need an infusion of fresh, fun books, visit us at bookroo.com to join our monthly book club!

  1. Have an outdoor read-a-thon. - "Building a little tent outside and we sit under it and read ♡ Lots of yummy snacks and good drinks for my older girls." -- Jasmine C. (What makes for a great read-a-thon? We've got some tips for you here.)

  2. Make travel work for (rather than against!) you. - "We do a lot of traveling in the summer so I like to keep a basket of books in our car :) it sits between my 4 and 5 year old and we rotate the books out every couple weeks." -- Melissa P.

  3. Make it a mini & mommy date. - "I've newly started taking books to the park. Get a coffee, bring some lunch, flap out a blanket. He plays until he's exhausted and then we look at books for a while. Make a little mommy and mini date out of it." -- Kaitlin M.

  4. Incorporate crafts. - "We love books and crafts so combine the two and work on book themed crafts! Whatever book were reading, we'll design a craft or activity around it and the kids just love it! We've noticed they suddenly want to read the book again and again." -- Dana V.

  5. Read s'more. - "Reading outside at a campfire just before it gets dark!" -- Nicole L.

  6. Bring it to the beach. - "Favorite way to make summer reading fun being books to the beach 🌊 and read in the sun with a summer picnic swimming and sand castles." -- Kimberly V.

  7. Build a fort. - "We build a fort, or tent. We put as many pillow and blankets as we can in it. Then come the stuffed animals or dinosaurs depending on my son's friends that day. Sometimes he chooses sharks. Then he adds the pile of books. Then we grab the dragon night light go into the tent turns the dragon night light on let's the stars go on the wall (it projects them) bring his little bon fire over (it's a pillow shaped fire) and make smore's for all the animals as we read." -- Jennifer C.

  8. Make goals and log reading. - "... I also do reading logs for them. Throughout the summer I count news articles, magazines and books for them! They also get a good prize for every 100 books they read. Such as a trip to Jamba or Claires, A tub of icecream, a gift card for Rue21. This will be the first summer with my youngest (2) actually spending time reading outside so I'll have to get creative with her. Hope she'll like our fort outside!" -- Jasmine C.(Looking for a great way to log your reading? Try our Bookroo reading app!)

  9. Make it relevant. - "My favorite way to make summer reading happen is to find books that are relating to our activities. We read books about swimming, or camping or the beach. And when I'm out of inspiration we find ways to make the books relate to our day by doing "what if..." questions!" -- Rachael M.

  10. Create a semi-permanent book nook. - "To get ready for summer reading, we just set up a 'book nook' Simple, inexpensive, and quite effective so far (just a cozy space with a few fun pillows, a glowing star, and a bin of books!)" -- Carissa F.

  11. Play school (counterintuitive, we know!). - "My 6 year old is starting to read independently and she really enjoys reading to her little brothers! So we pretend like she's the teacher and myself and her two baby brothers are her students. We sit in circle time and she reads to us, it's adorable!" -- Katie B.

  12. Amp up your read-a-loud. - "We use fun and engaging voices for each character and get the whole family involved in story time. We LOVE to read!" -- Jamie L.

  13. Act it out. - "We love books at our house, so it's easy to make it fun. I personally love to really act out the books with my kids :)" -- Veronica I.

  14. Enjoy a backyard picnic. - "My 3 year old loves when I read to him. When it's nice out we set out a blanket and pack a picnic of pb&j's and have a reading picnic in our backyard." -- Jennifer U.

  15. Use sign language. - "We keep books placed at [our little girl]'s height for easy viewing and grabbing & we buy new books regularly so we have something to look forward to and be excited about. Sometimes we even like to use sign Language with certain words to make the books more interesting." -_ Jennifer S.

  16. Give it a beat. - "I have a toddler and his attention span is still short and he is easily distracted, but he absolutely LOVES music and dancing. Every book I read him, I sing the words with some rhythm, drum on the pages while pointing at the pictures, and bounce or sway while we are reading. This really helps him focus on the book and now I see him pull out books, and read to himself in his crazy language, while tapping on the pages and bouncing around. I love it so much!" -- Melissa M.

  17. Get silly. - "Silly noises and actions to go along with the story are a favorite for my little 11 month old! His favorites always include an animal!" -- Sarah M.

  18. Make it a treasure hunt. - "We make summer reading fun by incorporating a treasure hunt game. When my toddler and I read a book, I ask her to find that item or animal from the book in the house or outside. We have so much fun." -- Olga P.

  19. Timing matters. - "We love reading in the morning. We sit in my daughter's chair, next to an open breezy window, and snuggle with a few books." -- Jen E.

  20. Use bath time. - "I love reading to my boys during bath time. They are entertained and we avoid getting water everywhere outside of the tub bc they are distracted by the story." -- Jessica C

  21. Listen to an audio book. - "Reading aloud or listening to an audio book while they play at the water table." --Ashley R.

BONUS IDEA: Get fun new books. - Reading the same books over and over again gets just plain boring, so make sure to regularly infuse your collection with some new titles! Bookroo's monthly book club is a great way to do this, particularly in conjunction with visits to your local library because you really can never have too many books!

Now that you've got all the tips and tricks, you just need some new books! Visit us at bookroo.com to start our monthly book club--we'll be sure to make reading extra special for your little ones this summer with each book individually wrapped and our fun poppy new boxes!

Comment below with which number ideas you'll be trying this summer!

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