33 Free Activities to Minimize Screen Time This Summer

Published 4 years ago

School’s out, and the kids are home! And soon (way too soon) you run out of all the activities you’ve been planning for summer. Then comes the “I’m bored!” and the TV being on way too much.

So we’ve gathered fun ideas for you and your kiddos to minimize screen time in your home this summer because we know it’s hard to do. And we know the research: with less screen time, kids are less aggressive, have a better diet, and sleep longer and better through the night. Here’s to a better, healthier, and happier summer!

  1. Go on a walk

  2. Run through the sprinklers

  3. Play at the park

  4. Learn yoga together

  5. Play a sport (frisbee, soccer, baseball)

  6. Find a hill to roll down

  7. Read a book

  8. Make a summer reading goal

  9. Visit the library

  10. Write and illustrate a book

  11. Build a fort to read in

  12. Color a picture

  13. Download Bookroo Activities

  14. Make a card to give to someone

  15. Make a bookmark

  16. Be creative with a cardboard box

  17. Fingerpaint

  18. Draw with chalk

  19. Clean your room without being asked

  20. Clean someone else’s room

  21. Make someone’s bed

  22. Pick up toys

  23. Leave someone a nice note on their pillow to make them happy

  24. Leave a treat on a neighbor’s doorstep

  25. Play a board game

  26. Play a card game (War, Go Fish)

  27. Make up your own game!

  28. Have a paper airplane competition

  29. Play hopscotch

  30. Play trash ball (basketball with a box or trash can to throw in)

  31. Play hide and seek

  32. Re-enact the story from your favorite book

Happy Summer!

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