5 Tips for Reading with your Grandkids

Published 3 years ago

Whether you live next door to your grandkids, or across several continents from them, reading to and with them is one of the best ways to have fun, bond, and create special memories that will last for decades. Here’s five tips that we’ve compiled by watching some of our favorite grandparents interact with their grandkids.

1. Start early

Babies are beyond fun to just hold and coo at, but tired mothers will be even that much more grateful if you scoop up your new grandbaby and read them a couple books while she takes a shower, checks something off her to-do list, or just grabs a couple minutes of me-time. Not only is it a special bonding moment for you and baby, but daily reading to babies helps enormously with their brain development so you’re investing in their future in more ways than one. For toddlers and slightly older children, don’t worry, it still applies as it helps lengthen attention spans, vocabulary, and even math skills.

2. Dive deeper

As you read to your grandkids, take time to talk about what you’re reading and help the words jump off the page. This adds to your shared context of the world, and can help you get to know your grandchildren better by having real conversations with them that give them opportunities to share how they view the world.

3. Create special reading traditions

Spoiling grandchildren is definitely part of the fun of grandparenting for both grandchildren and grandparents alike. Develop special reading traditions with your grandkids whether that be always letting them choose what books you read together, using extra silly voices, having a special book that always makes it into the rotation with just the two of you, reading in a special fun spot at their house or yours, using a special grandparent reading blanket, or eating a special reading treat before, during or after. Be creative and once you find something that makes reading special for you and your grandchildren, stick with it so that it can become a tradition that becomes a memory.

4. Grow your library

There are a myriad of things that are special about grandma and grandpa’s house, and one of those is the novelty of having different things to do than grandkids have to do at their own house. By constantly growing your own library of children’s (and other) books, you both subconsciously signal to your grandkids that reading is something that you value, and also always have a fresh supply of fun new books to experience together!

5. Gift books to your grandkids

Books are one of those things that you can gift to your grandchildren that have the power to last decades and be passed from generation to generation while still being fun and exciting now! One of my grandmas always sent us a book as part of our birthday gift. Inside the front cover either she or my mom would write which child it was to, who it was from, and the year and occasion. Looking through my stash of books I brought with me when I got married and moved out, brings back special memories of my grandma and how much she loved me and valued what was most important.

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