An Activity To Do With Your Children that will Never Go Out of Style

Published 4 years ago

We’re delighted to welcome Kristen from The Mommies to our blog today! As a brief introduction, The Mommies is a Christian parenting blog sharing faith-based parenting advice along with honest “mommying” experiences, as well as entertaining, decorating, cooking and money-saving advice….along with lots more! Below, The Mommies shares why reading is so important to their families.

With all the technology we have these days: iPods, iPhones, tablets, the list goes on, it’s easy to put good ole-fashioned paper books on the back burner (or stored away in the upstairs closet). However, this is an activity that should never be forgotten.

Even with all the reading tablets that are available these days (and these are not necessarily a bad thing – this style of reading is good for you as well), there is nothing like picking up a paperback book, especially when reading to your children.

Why is reading so important The Mommies’ families?

For starters, it helps set a routine. From the first week I brought both my daughter and son home from the hospital, my husband and I started reading them a “good night” book before bedtime. This instilled a routine that lets them know it’s time for bed.Not only that, research shows that reading to your children works their brains tremendously, and forms a bond between baby and reader, since he/she becomes so familiar with the reader’s voice.

When I brought my son home from the hospital, I wanted to make sure I spent enough time with my daughter and that she never felt left out. One way I did this (and still do) is to read to her while I’m nursing my son. She feels included and guess what? My son hears the story too! They are both receiving benefits!Reading also helps young children to learn to read, themselves. While reading a book, point to the letters/words and help explain the sounds they make. This will help to get your toddler ready for the strict reading curriculum that is set in Kindergarten nowadays.When my daughter receives a new book as a gift – she runs over to me and my husband in excitement for us to read it to her. It’s so much more fun for her to receive an actual book (a present in her eyes) than for me to turn on my tablet and pull up a story I have downloaded. Plus, the pictures along with the interactive pop-up and touch-and-feel books that are available give our children such a thrill along with a sensory experience that cannot be duplicated on a tablet.

Reading to me is a form of multitasking: We are entertaining our children, while also spending time with them and helping them to learn. We love how Bookroo makes learning for children so much fun and something for them to look forward to!

Be sure to follow The Mommies at and www.facebook/mommiesgrace for more faith-based parenting testimonies along with every day tips and tricks! Also, check out the guest post we wrote on The Mommies’ site here.

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