Harry Potter Book Quizzes

Published 1 year ago

Each year the extended family on my dad's side creates a family calendar. Along with family pictures from each of the ten siblings, the calendar also has each family member's birthday marked along with notable holidays. This year as I flipped through my calendar to July, I was reminded of how incredibly awesome my family is when there was a holiday marked for July 31st--Harry Potter's Birthday. Yes, it's a holiday in our family. And I think that's awesome! It's a testament not only to J.K. Rowling's incredible writing talents and imagination but also to the power a book has to come alive and alter who we are.

To all you fellow Harry Potter fans out there, here's a little Harry Potter fandom to whet your appetite as you tick the days off on your calendar until you can celebrate his birthday in a short 18 days! Our Ultimate Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Quiz was just released yesterday, with the final 2 quizzes arriving before July 31st! :)

Plus, if you missed the first four quizzes, try your hand here:

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