Easy, Fun Book Discovery

Published 1 month ago

Hi fellow readers,

It’s Dorothy again, and I’m back to tell you more about Bookroo’s one-of-a-kind book discovery platform. Like I promised last time, I want to tell you about how easy it is to discover new books on the platform.

Easy, Fun Book Discovery

One of the main purposes of the platform is to help readers find amazing books, so there are many options for exploring for a new read. My favorites are suggestions from others, site recommendations, reading challenges, and searching on my own.

Suggestions from Others

I’ve discovered some of my favorite books when someone suggested them to me. That’s why when I’m searching for new books, I often start by seeing what others are reading.

On the platform, I can follow and connect with other members of the community to get book recommendations and reviews. I can find ideas from friends, critics, authors and illustrators, publishers, and more! I just noticed in my book feed that Queen of the Field Mice recommended a book about bravery, so I’m saving it to Cowardly Lion’s list (despite that shot of courage he got from the Wizard, he still needs regular encouragement).

Site Recommendations

Site recommendations are another option I turn to when exploring new books. There may not be a magical wizard behind a curtain suggesting what I might like to read, but there are algorithms, and from what I’ve heard, they’re basically the same thing. Robust book tagging captures unparalleled, detailed data about books, which leads to better suggestions.

My own book, for example, is tagged with “Strong female character” (I’m flattered) and “Imaginary Places” (not so excited about that one, but at least it’s in good company).

Every book page has suggestions for similar titles as well as lists of any other books by the same author or illustrator.

With more availability of books reflecting diverse voices and experiences, these data structuring capabilities also include information about book characters, like age, gender, race, and ethnicity, which will assist parents and others making efforts to discover and support books that both reflect their children’s experiences or voices or introduce them to new ones.

Reading Challenges

Reading challenges on the platform are another catalyst for book discovery. They cover a variety of areas to encourage experiencing the broad world of children’s literature. After you create your free account, you’ll be notified whenever a new challenge is starting.

Searching on Your Own

While I do enjoy the suggestions and recommendations from others, as you know, I’m kind of a choose-your-own-adventure person, so I find simply browsing for new books on the platform equally rewarding. There are numberless ways to start exploring: by topic, by award, by genre—whatever my mood, there are lots of fun rabbit holes to jump down (but that’s a whole other story).

Book discovery on the platform is amazingly fluid, so no matter where I am on the site — seeing a friend’s latest read, reviewing site recommendations, completing a challenge, or exploring on my own — I can save books to my profiles.

That does it for today, but watch for my next article, when I’ll tell you how fun it is to take a closer look at a book on the platform. Platform users claim it’s even better than exploring in a physical bookstore.

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