5 Father's Day Gifts That Actually Celebrate Fatherhood

Published 5 years ago

There are probably LITERALLY a million Father’s Day Gift Guides out there–mommy bloggers across the nation are rolling them out. I’ll admit, there’s some pretty sweet, swanky stuff to be had out there to celebrate Father’s Day. What I’ve found most interesting in the guides I’ve perused, however, is that everything seems to be centered around giving Dad an escape from the kids. The guides suggest fancy shirts to wear to work, tools for the perfect bar tender, cufflinks or the newest watch–the list goes on. But why not give Dad something for Father’s Day that enables him to spend better quality time being a Father? Why not celebrate his role as a father for Father’s Day?

Take some time to think about what the father in your life most enjoys doing with his kids. Does he most enjoy watching movies together? That quiet reading time before bed time? Eating out together? Each family is unique in their interests and hobbies. Here are a few suggestions we’ve compiled based on the men in our lives.

  1. A Family Friendly Video Game. Think Karaoke. Just Dance. Mario Kart. Beetle’s Rockband. You get the idea. My little brother got this for my dad once for Father’s Day, and my mom was clever enough to add the caveat that my little brother could only play the game with my dad.
  2. A Board/Card Game. Board games are big at our house, and whenever we get together as an extended family, the games get rolled out too. Some of our favorites are Perpetual Commotion, Bang!, Qwirkle and Sequence!
  3. Sporting Equipment. Boys are well-known for their energy and love of sports, so get Dad a new soccerball, basketball, football, frisbee–you name it–for your outdoor family fun! If you’ve still got mini-me’s at home, consider getting Dad a dad-sized version and a kid-sized version to share with his peeps.
  4. A Gift Certificate for a Special Day. A gift certificate can be for your local water or amusement park, mini-golf, movie or drive-in theater–whatever will be a fun-filled day for your family! Take time to plan out the full day, so Dad doesn’t have to worry about any of the particulars, and be sure to remember a lot of his favorites. For example, my dad’s a big popcorn fan, so my movie theater outing would be sure to include a note that we’d be getting popcorn.
  5. A Bookroo Box. You know, I just couldn’t help tucking this in here. Nothing says quality time for young kids like reading, and Dad will have a monthly reminder that that’s your favorite thing to do with him!

I’m not saying don’t get Dad that Brooks Brothers jacket you both think is totally suave, but think about celebrating his role as a father and the individual approach he takes to his most important job as you contemplate your gift giving this year!

What are you giving the dad in your life this year that celebrates his role as a father? Tell us below–we all still need some ideas!

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