For Days When You Just Aren't Sure You're Doing It Right

Published 4 years ago

Do you ever have those days when you just aren’t sure if you’re doing it right? I do. All too often. I have two little boys, an almost three-year-old and a one-year-old. While most of the time life could not be any sweeter, it still has its moments. Almost daily, if we’re being honest. The little one wants to play with whatever the big one is playing with, but the big one thinks he needs all the toys because, as he tries to convince me, he’s “big.” After some playtime (aka each boy taking a turn to cry in my arms while the other plays with the toys), it’s time for errands. But getting shoes and coats on everyone takes a bit, since one crawls/runs away while I’m helping the other. So we’re slow getting out the door, which means we’re also slow getting back from errands. By which time they are both hungry and tired, which results in a loud house of crying and fits. After lunchtime it’s naptime, but generally my youngest has fallen asleep long before his older brother. So once my oldest finally goes down, the youngest is just about ready to wake up again. If I’m lucky, I can squeeze between a half hour to an hour or work and other to-dos before that happens.

Can you imagine how calm and put together I’m feeling after such a morning? Well, I truly do want to have those feelings of calm and order in my home. I know I am not the most organized at my home. But I have a vision of how I would like my house to run, even if it is rarely realized. That’s where the inspiring mom bloggers of the world, like Trend Proper, come in for me. I’ve found articles and resources on their blog to be so helpful. Especially hearing from the experiences of other moms.

For example, Rayna’s recent post “The Diary of a Working Mom” was fun and encouraging. To see how she juggles her day was insightful. As a co-founder of Bookroo and with two small children at home, I’m working to find a middle ground somewhere between WM and SAHM, and I loved Rayna’s views on the insignificance of the judgment calls we make based on those titles:

“You can have a full time job and still lack time management. You can be a SAHM and be the most organized person anybody knows! It’s not about what’s on your plate, but more about who you are as a person and what you do with yourself! Do you try to make a difference? Do you try to better yourself?”

The SuperMom series is especially encouraging. When I read about things like the courage of Heather Donatini and her inspiring little Jarren, my own struggles are kept in perspective, and my desire to tackle them with love and commitment is renewed. What is really most important? That we get our errands run? That my 3 year old actually tries to be quiet during his brother’s naps? That is definitely not what I want my boys to remember from their childhoods. Instead, I want them to know how much I love them and that I took every minute I could to show them what matters most: being kind, doing what’s right, loving others. I’m so grateful for these “super moms” who share their stories so that when I do have those days that just don’t seem to go quite right, I can be reminded to focus on what matters most.

Whatever my mood, whatever my task, I’ve found that Trend Proper (and some of my favorite other mom bloggers) pretty well have it all: a boost for those hard days, inspiration for those holidays, and even some education for those better days.

Do the things that matter most with your little ones today. Spend some quiet time, do something for someone else, read a book. Focus on creating memories!

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