Hidden Gems at the End of My Rainbow

Published 4 years ago

For the last several months, my sisters and I have been taking turns teaching a little preschool for our kiddos. There are four of us, and four kids, two boys and two girls. It has been a lot of fun to rotate from house to house. J will need to do another year of preschool, so I asked him recently what he wants to do and he said, “I just want to keep doing it in a pattern.” He knows what he likes.

Today, preschool was at my house and we painted rainbows for the letter R. This was a great project for my little boy. Most of his coloring or art projects end up all one color (usually red, because that’s his favorite color). Today, however, his rainbow actually looked like a rainbow with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet (he was adamant that we call it violet and not purple because that’s the color in a rainbow). This is his rainbow.

Not bad, right? While the kids painted their rainbows, my son requested that I paint rainbows on everyone’s faces–he recently had a rainbow painted on his face at a family party, and he loved it. My nieces and nephews all thought it was great, too, though J was sad when his had worn off by the end of the day. (His other from the family party had stayed on so long!)

I had so many other things I wanted to get to during our short class, but somehow time always slips by so quickly with those little 3 and 4 year old cousins. Had I had more time, we were definitely going to make a “real” rainbow with a glass of water and a flashlight. (Here are some directions). And we certainly would have needed to find the treasure at the end of the rainbow.

What treasure do you usually hope is at the end of your rainbows? Gold coins? Chocolate disguised like gold coins? New clothes? A tear-free day? Maybe, if you’re like us, new books?

A couple of my hidden gems (notice J’s red socks? I told you red is his favorite. And yes, C demands black sweat pants every day.)

What we really like to find at the end of our rainbow is a special kind of book that at Bookroo we call a “hidden gem.” “Hidden gems” are books that, while sometimes not well known, hold treasures of adventure and fun for kids! We love to send these hidden gems to our subscribers because not only do we avoid sending books that people already have, but more importantly, we can introduce our community to new authors, illustrators, and series that soon become favorites!

As many of you know, this month is National Reading Month (which to book nerds like us basically means Christmas)! To celebrate, Bookroo has put together a fun month of themes and adventures with pirates, hidden gems and so much more!

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