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One of my favorite childhood memories is of sitting on the floor in our living room, listening to my dad read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer to me and my siblings. To be honest, I don’t remember many details of the story. What I do remember is the feeling of being lost in a story together, sharing the emotions of the story with each other, and spending quality time gathered around a good book.

A recent study at Harvard found that reading time with dads can help children develop in ways that reading time with moms doesn’t. As the study’s lead researcher explains, dads tend to invite more abstract thoughts or comments when they read to children, while moms focus on more factual questions. For example, when a dad reads a story that shows a ladder, he might point to the ladder and say, “Hey daughter, remember last week when I used a ladder to get on our roof?” A mom, on the other hand, would focus more on factual questions, like the color of the ladder or how many ladders there are.

Jim Trelease, in his Read-Aloud-Handbook, cites another study that shows that boys whose dads read to them “scored significantly higher in reading achievement.”

The purpose of sharing these studies is not to downplay in anyway the importance of moms reading to their children. The point is to emphasize that reading to children is not just a mom’s responsibility.

As a father myself, I love to see fellow fathers showing me #howtodad. A few weeks ago, our Bookroo weekly reading roundup captured two dads doing a fantastic job in their roles.

I was inspired to see these dads taking time to sit and read with their kids. I know the love and comfort these kids experienced as they were read to by their dads. I also know how important that time is for the development of these kids.

While there are many things that I have loved about being involved with Bookroo, I think the most meaningful aspect has been spending more time reading with my own two boys. Bookroo has helped us in our own family establish a solid routine of reading together every day. And that’s good, because that’s our mission at Bookroo: to make it easier for parents to spend more time reading with their children.

If you’ve been struggling to get into a routine of reading every day with your child, let us help. Your child will love receiving his or her Bookroo box and will be so excited to discover new books with you. Your Bookroo deliveries will also provide a regular reminder for you to take time to read with your child.

From my own experience, I can promise you that your children will cherish the precious time you spend as a dad reading with them.

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