Introducing the Bookroo Junior Box

Published 3 years ago

HUGE UPDATE today! Some of you have been waiting anxiously for this, and we’re ecstatic to announce that we are launching our Junior Box! The Bookroo Junior Box is the latest addition to our book-of-the-month club and is geared for readers between ages 7-10.

Click here to order a box, our very first box for your own young reader!

Each box will include two books. As you might have guessed, the first book will be a “hidden gem.” Just like we do with our board and picture book boxes, we’ll use our careful vetting processes and relationships with publishers to find fantastic books from great authors. The second book in each box will be a more well-known classic or favorite. Our aim is to find the right balance between providing books young readers or parents are familiar with and inspiring them to develop a love for finding new characters, plots, worlds, and words.

So what can you expect from the first box? Prepare your reader for some smart sleuthing and a bit of wisdom from an unexpected pet-keeper.

Our Junior Box will ship to subscribers or gift recipients once every two months. Each box will cost $24.99 plus shipping. True to our belief that reading is a gift and that treating it as a gift will help children develop a love for reading, the books in our Junior Boxes will be individually gift-wrapped. When we surveyed current subscribers about what we should include in our Junior Boxes, you responded overwhelmingly that you wanted the books wrapped. Good thing we’ve got our amazing #momcrew to help us wrap books!

The most rewarding part of running our own business is that we get a chance to hear directly from our subscribers. Our best days at Bookroo are when we get fan mail from parents who tell us our boxes and the books we send help their kids learn to read. Here’s my favorite bit of feedback from one of our subscribers.

“I just LOVE bookroo. You are doing something great for my family. My daughter just turned two and knows all of her ABC's and numbers up to 20. She talks like a pro and is so smart, she knows her colors and shapes and honestly I attribute it to the fact that I have been reading to her everyday since she was an infant. Your books . . . have become favorites and re-reads in my home. So thank you thank you thank you. Honestly I cannot say enough how happy I am that you have given my family something new to read every month and a chance to have some fun one-on-one time.”

We recognize that there is a broad spectrum of literacy among children 7-10 years old. Our hope is that you, our friends and subscribers, will be patient and understanding if a particular book seems too hard for your seven-year-old or too easy for your ten-year-old. Depending on their reading levels, our Junior Box may not be the right fit for every child in that age range. If the book is a little too challenging, hopefully you can help your young reader. If it’s on the easier end, perhaps you can encourage them to read it aloud to a younger sibling or friend.

Click here to order your box, and don't forget to use the code JRBOXBLOG to get 10% off your order! If you have questions, please email [email protected] And, if you're as excited about our Junior Box as we are, please help us share the news!

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