Readathons, Reading Nooks, and Reading Trees

Published 4 years ago

Trolli Peach Rings. Bubblegum. Pajamas. Books. What do they all have in common? Elementary School Read-a-thon day!

Elementary Readaathon was one of the most anticipated and exciting days every school year for all of the students. It was the only day we were ever allowed to have gum or wear our pajamas at school. Another perk was that everyone could bring their favorite candy (hence the Trolli Peach Rings) and a blanket or pillow. We’d wait for what seemed like hours until the teacher allowed us to have our Read-a-thon. Immediately, I got together with my best friends and we’d find the perfect place to set up our little reading nook. We’d read, giggle, and share candy until school was over.

Some of the fondest memories I have of reading were in special environments. Most children love building forts, and I was no exception. Sometimes I’d go under my covers with a flashlight, late into the night. I loved when my dad set up the hammock in the summer and I would read away. My siblings and I would build forts in our basement out of chairs, blankets, duct tape, pillows, the handy yardstick to keep up the blankets in the middle from collapsing…and we’d bring our flashlights in and read in our fortress. Of course there is always the excitement of staying up late into the night because your book is too good to put down.

In the front yard of my childhood home, we had two little trees that were perfect for climbing and sitting in. One was mine and one was my sister’s. We’d sit up in our trees reading our books together, enjoying the magic of being a child. We thought those tree seats were shaped just perfectly, and we enjoyed many summer afternoons and after-school breaks tucked away in the leaves with our books.

Going to the library was another fun treat, where we could explore so many books that would take us to many different places. We loved to stay in the kid’s area and read, surrounded by so many books. Whenever we went to the check-out counter, we often had the most books we were allowed to check out…or maybe mom just told us there was a limit? Who knows. :)

We loved the library so much that we liked to play “librarian.” The name of the game says it all. My sister and I would take turns being the librarian so that we each got a chance pretending to stamp the books. That game must have rubbed off, because a few weeks ago my baby sister was playing librarian at the kitchen counter. She had figured out how to use the cordless phone as a scanner, and she timed it just right so that it sounded and looked like she was scanning each barcode. Scan, stack, scan, stack–she probably scanned each book twelve times, moving the stacks from one side to the other.

Did you have a favorite reading nook through the years? How about now–any place you especially like to cozy up with a book? Like me, you’ve probably scrolled through hundreds of Pinterest boards showing off adorable reading nooks and reading environments. In case you haven’t seen enough, follow us on Pinterest to see some of our favorites!

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