Routines (Free Printables included)

Published 3 years ago

A normal day in the life of a young child: Wake up, wake parents up, eat breakfast, cry, read, bathe, play, cry, eat lunch, nap, play, dinner, play, brush teeth, cry, get jammies on, read, and go to bed.

Maybe that’s not quite how it goes down at your house, but probably something similar. :) We all have our daily routines that help our kids know what’s coming next and what’s expected of them. It gives them structure and a predictable base that they can then expound on to learn new things. As a Human Development major, I studied the importance of routines quite a bit. While I don’t have any kids of my own yet, I’m sure it’s easier said than done to be consistent and develop new routines.

Lately, I’ve talked with a few mothers who have children that struggle to find joy in reading. Every child is different and it will come easier to some than others. But one thing that can help make it easier (on your child and on you!) is creating a new reading routine. This might be difficult at first, but it can give your child the consistency they need to thrive through the repetition. Maybe they need to try reading at a different time of day to enjoy it more. Maybe they need a routine that you read to them for 20 minutes, and then they try the last 5 minutes by themselves. Whatever the change might be, you can help them figure out a routine that works best for them and helps them thrive.

To help you along in your journey, we’ve created a fun daily checklist printable for you to decide your routine, write it down, and check off what you’ve completed! Because who doesn’t love checking off a box? You could even make it a little more fun by giving your little ones stickers to fill in the bubbles. You may even want to talk through it with your child(ren) and get their input on how the routine should go. If they help decide it, they’ll be more likely to stick with it. The printable comes in a few different colors so that your child can pick the one they’re most excited about. :) Enjoy!

Click here for other color options! :)

Is your kiddo already a pro at reading time? If they don’t need help with a reading routine, you’re welcome to use the printable for another area. Maybe a routine to teach them how to get dressed all by themselves, or to teach them how to go to clean up their room!

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