The Beginning of a Favorite Tradition

Published 4 years ago

The end of 2012 was a year of big changes for our family. In October, we moved to New York City. The following week, my husband started a new job working at a law firm in the city. Two months later, in late December, we welcomed our first child into our home. Over the course of three short months, we found ourselves in a new city, with a new job, and a new baby. Three big changes over a very short period of time!

All together the changes might have been more overwhelming than we could have managed, except that we enjoyed each so much. My husband found great colleagues at work. We LOVED our new city. And becoming parents brought us so much joy!

Welcoming a baby in New York City was a unique adventure. We actually lived just a couple of avenues from the hospital where I delivered. The night that I went into labor, we walked to the hospital. My husband tried his best to convince me that we could grab a cab, but even at 4 in the morning I just wanted to walk.

As we held our son at the hospital, we seemed a long way from family. No parents. No siblings. No aunts, uncles, grandparents. No one at the hospital but my husband, me, and our new little boy. Even though we had walked to the hospital, we were required to take our baby home in a car seat (or at least, that’s what we thought). So we borrowed a car seat from some friends, hailed a cab, and rode the two avenues home to our tiny corner of New York City.

Being parents in New York City turned out to be very fun. I found a wonderful group of moms from church and our apartment complex, and once our baby was big enough to go out, I would take him with friends nearly every day to explore some new part of the city. Maneuvering the city with a baby and a stroller was a challenge, but we loved the adventure. I came to know which subway stations had elevators, and my husband was brought to tears more than once learning of some thoughtful gesture I experienced from strangers, from helping carry my stroller up stairs when the elevator was broken to stopping to congratulate and encourage me as a new, young, mom.

One of the first traditions we established as young parents was a bedtime routine of reading together with our baby. I have such fond memories of holding him as we rocked together and learned all about New York City from Goodnight, New York City. Or about being a good friend from the Little Blue Truck.

Our love of reading with our children has inspired us as we build Bookroo, where we work hard everyday to make it easier for parents to spend more time reading with their children. Children love receiving their hand-wrapped Bookroo deliveries, and parents appreciate the regular reminder to read together and the convenience that our service offers.

Our time in New York gave us so many great things–wonderful adventure, wonderful friends, and wonderful memories! But the one thing we cherish most of all was the opportunity to begin our family and the traditions we cherish, like reading together daily, in that tiny studio apartment.

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