The Who Behind Bookroo

Published 4 years ago

Hello! This is us, the Bookroo Crew. From left to right, Tiffany, Rebecca (that’s me!), and Jane.

Don’t mind our family picture, because...we are family! So here’s one with our amazing husbands, Chandler, Tayler, and Kesler, respectively. They’re also part of the Bookroo Crew and help us out quite a bit.

You might have read a little bit about us on the about page of our website, but we get quite a few questions from people we meet about what it’s like to work on Bookroo. One of our friends has told us that we’re “living the dream!” Starting our own company, doing something we care about--and I think that sounds about right! While it’s not as glamorous as some might picture, I can think of nothing I’d rather do than help children fall in love with reading and help parents read more with their children.

Parts of the job are glamorous. Like when we get an email from a happy customer, saying their Bookroo box made their sad little girl who got a broken arm that day smile. Or when we get tagged in a picture showing the pure joy one of your little ones has from opening their books, and saying they read their favorite at least 20 times that day with their mom.

Other parts of Bookroo are a little less than glamorous. Like spending hours cutting the wrapping paper for your packages each month, or having our apartment turn into a crazy warehouse once a month when it’s fulfillment time. :) We do fulfillment by ourselves (with help from family and friends), and let me tell ya, three days straight of preparing our packages can get a little tedious...but we always have fun doing it together! One not-so-fun part is getting a million cardboard cuts on our hands and arms preparing your boxes. Oh, the fun.

But really, it is super fun, even with all those cardboard cuts. Totally worth it to see the beautiful packages and all of you happy customers.

A lot of the questions I get go something like this, “So what do you actually do all day?” So here’s a little more of a sneak peak into what it’s like for Jane, Tiffany, and me. Though every day is a different adventure and brings something new, here’s what our responsibilities look like.

Jane is wonder woman. Pretty sure. If you ever wonder who you’re messaging on Facebook, or who’s sharing all the cool stuff on our feed, it’s her. She also designed our adorable logo and our posters, answers emails, orders books, and helps with marketing. All while carrying her baby F around and keeping him happy.

Tiffany is super mom in action! She has some great little helpers that our part of our crew and she helps oversee fulfillment (yes, her oldest can totally make a Bookroo box for you!). She also works closely with schools, sets up giveaways, presents about Bookroo at events, mans the booth at expos, and helps pick out wrapping paper--all while keeping her boys happy and teaching them how to work.

I, Rebecca, don’t have kids yet, but I love them! So I am living the dream working on Bookroo, getting to make your little one’s day with their Bookroo books. :) I’m over Instagram, so come visit me over there! I also help with answering emails, organizing fulfillment (did you know we have local moms wrap our books?), choosing wrapping paper, and marketing.

And of course, we have to put a plug in here for our awesome husbands, because they do a lot to help us and make it possible for us to do what we do. Kesler, Jane’s husband, does our website and more. Chandler, Tiffany’s husband, and Tayler, my husband, help with fulfillment and more. They are quite literally the muscle of Bookroo. ) All three of us couples hop on our weekly team meeting to discuss goals, give feedback, and propose ideas. Plus, these great guys brought us sisters-in-law together in the first place!

So here’s a thank you, from all of us to you, for helping us live our dream! Let us know if you have any questions about who we are and what we do.

Tell us below what your dream job is, we’d love to hear about it!


Rebecca and the Bookroo Crew

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