True Story: Reading and Academic Success

Published 3 years ago

Over the past year I've had the chance to meet and get to know a very impressive individual. Thoughtful, refined, capable. He is a currently a college student. He will be graduating with a degree in business later this year with a near perfect GPA. He has also been studying for the entrance exam to law schools, the formidable LSAT. The highest score you can receive on the LSAT is 180, and scoring above 170 can make you a competitive applicant for law schools like Harvard and Yale. On practice exams, my friend has been scoring as high as 178. In other words, based on his expected GPA and LSAT score, my friend is positioning himself to be a very good candidate for the world’s top law schools.

Children's book club Bookroo and academic success

I recently had the chance to meet my friend for lunch. When we get together we generally share our current reading list, so I asked him what he was reading. He had just returned from a weekend visit to see his family, and he said that he had brought a big stack of books back to school with him. I wasn’t sure whether he meant like from his local library (which seemed like it could be a pain to return them timely) or from somewhere else. So I asked, “Like from home or something?” He replied that yes, he had brought them from his family’s home. I asked if they had a home library, and he said that they did. Then I asked how large the library was. His response? He said that his family probably had around 2,000 books in their home library.

That is amazing! We’ve written before about how the mere presence of books in a home can help a child perform at reading levels whole grades ahead of their peers. As we explained in that article, the Oxford University Press published a study showing that the “gain from a 500-book home library rather than from a one-book library is equivalent to the gain of somewhere between one . . . and three additional years" in school. We also recently shared the advice of one mother about how buying books to have in your home is important in helping your child do well academically; she herself has had three children in a row who have scored perfect scores on college admissions tests.

So I was extremely impressed yet not entirely surprised to discover that my friend grew up in a home that understood the importance of reading and invested in a substantial home library. Instead, the revelation was a confirmation to me of the power of reading and books. "Of course," I thought to myself, "His intellect, culture, and confidence in life has been shaped by reading." I don’t meant to discredit his or his parent’s efforts in other areas, but I believe his is a great example of the power of raising readers.

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Now, building a home library that numbers in the thousands is not something many of us can do overnight. Instead, it’s a process of consistent effort. As the saying goes, “If you want to be successful, be consistent.” Monthly children’s book clubs and children’s book subscriptions offer a wonderful option for building your child’s library over time. At Bookroo, we work hard to select quality books to send to you each month to help you build in your child’s library consistently and conveniently month by month. If you're ready to help your child, grandchild, niece or nephew start developing a love for learning, give Bookroo a try. By joining our email list you can save 15% on your first subscription.

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