We're Grateful For You

Published 3 years ago

As we prepare each month’s Bookroo shipment, we brainstorm a meaningful message to include on the inside of the box. We’ve heard from enough of you to know that our messages are an important part of the Bookroo experience. And we’re glad that the messages matter to you, because we mean what we say. So when we wrote this month that we are grateful for you, we meant it. You, our Bookroo family, are truly the best.

We’ve poured our hearts and souls into Bookroo over the past 21 months, and we look forward to continuing to do so for years to come. We are so grateful for Bookroo and what it means to us. We’ve shared wonderful experiences as a Bookroo Crew, solving problems, improving systems, and most importantly, discovering the best children’s books for our Bookroo boxes! And as many of you are aware, Bookroo is a family-run business. We have so enjoyed the time we’ve spent working together, whether in weekly video-chat meetings–remember we’re spread out over a couple of states–or in late, late night “fulfillment parties,” as we like to call them.

We’re also grateful for how Bookroo has helped us in our own families be more diligent and regular in reading with our children. Bookroo has helped Tiffany and me get to a point with our boys where they expect that we’ll take time every night to read together, and if for any reason we’re not able to, it’s a big disappointment for them. Though truth be told, they’re such good negotiators that we almost always take time for at least one book.

And I hate to steal any of their thunder, but Jane and Kesler just welcomed their first child into their home last week–a beautiful little baby boy. I was so excited for them, and I’ve been especially glad knowing that they have Bookroo and everything that it stands for: a love of reading, an understanding of the importance of early childhood literacy, and most importantly, a commitment to spending time reading to their new little guy every day.

Yes, Bookroo has been good for us in many ways. But the most meaningful way has been getting to know you, our wonderful Bookroo family. We love to see your adorable photos on social media, capturing the joy and excitement of your precious children unboxing their Bookroo box or snuggling up with you and their latest books. We love to receive your thoughtful notes expressing how much you love and appreciate the service we provide here at Bookroo–thanks for letting us know, because we work hard to make it the best! We still personally label each Bookroo box we send, and we recognize many of your names and are so glad to know you’re receiving another shipment of wonderful books to have in your homes. (We especially love to see boxes with addressees like “Stephanie the Super Reader”!) And we love knowing that you are helping your wonderful children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and friends get the best start in life that they possibly can by learning to love reading. Like I said to begin with, when we said we’re grateful for you in this month’s message, we meant it. Thank you for being part of the Bookroo experience.

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