What We Bought: April Edition

Published 17 days ago

Get your book wishlists up and ready to update! Here are the titles the Bookroo Crew bought this month and what we think of them.

Jane and Kesler:

What we were looking for: More Read Alouds for Our 4 Year Old (Preferably Series)

Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea

This one is so fun! After grabbing it and heartily enjoying it, we got the next two in the series from the library, and Fitz was totally laughing out loud. They’re fun, clean (one slight potty joke across three books), easy to read aloud and a great introduction to graphic novels.

Iggy Peck and the Mysterious Mansion

We’re big fans of the picture book series (Rosie Revere Engineer), so I thought this would be worth a try as a chapter book (and we chose the architect one to start with because my son LOVES building things). I had my expectations set at, hopefully-a-cute-story-but-likely-to-be-pretty-formula, but this blew me away. It was well-written, was super engaging, had a great story with some real plot, and was interesting to my 4-year-old. Truly a FANTASTIC read aloud.

Tiffany and Chandler:

What we were looking for: A Connection to Treasured Traditions and a Good Laugh

The Stars Just Up the Street

This book brings all the feelings: memories of gazing at stars as a child, love for a grandpa that believes in you, determination to bring about change, confidence in oneself, joy of accomplishment, and relishing in tradition—we had to have it on our shelf!

Skunk and Badger

This was making all kinds of best of 2020 lists, and the second title in the series is coming out later this year, so we want to check it out and are hopeful that it will be a hilarious story with some classical touches—the animal characters and Klassen’s cover illustrations make us think of animal friends like Frog and Toad and The Wind in the Willows.

Rebecca and Tayler:

What we were looking for: Unconventional Mother’s Day Stories

What is Given from the Heart

This book will capture every reader’s heart, and I love the subtle, inspiring example of motherhood—portraying values from my own mother’s example and what sort of mother I want to be, full of service, kindness, love, and unselfishness.

The Night of His Birth

Yes, this is technically a Christmas book, but I’d argue it’s a great Christian read all year round. From the viewpoint of Mary, the mother of Jesus, this touching and heartfelt perspective really hits home after just having a baby, myself. Definitely a beautiful story of motherhood, though I wouldn’t say it’s super rereadable (but maybe come winter it will be).

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