Why and How to Create Reader Profiles on our Reading Platform

Published 1 month ago

Hello fellow readers, Dorothy here.

I managed to find a way home from Oz, but I still struggled to find a good platform for discovering great kids books. Until the day I discovered Bookroo's online reading platform. I can't wait to introduce you to this new online platform to help families discover amazing kids books and track their reading.

The first step of this magical journey is to create an account and set up your reader profiles.

User Accounts and Reader Profiles

While you can discover books on the platform without an account, you’re really going to want to create an account. It’s free to do, and with an account, you can begin saving information about the books you find, like books you’ve read or want to read, or books you own or want to own.

Most importantly, though, is that by creating an account on the platform, you can then create a unique reader profile for each of your children.

With separate profiles, everything you do on the site can be at the reader profile level.

After creating my account, I created reader profiles for my new friends the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow, and Tin Woodman.

So what can you do on the site?

Reading Status, Wishlists, Collections

You can track books by reading status: “Want to read,” “Reading,” “Read,” and “Did not finish.”

You can track which books are in your home library.

You can add books to wishlists (which, conveniently enough, can easily be shared with grandparents, loving aunts, and others wondering what a child might like for a birthday present).

You can create custom book collections, like “Family Read Alouds,” “Childhood Favorites,” and “Best Seasonal Stories.”

I’ve been making a collection of books about witches, as I’ve learned it’s quite helpful to know what they like, and especially, what they don’t like—see Exhibit A: A bucket of water.

You can record your book ratings and reviews, and since this can be done for each profile, you can record the different opinions your readers might have. For example, Cowardly Lion really loved The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, but Tin Woodman said he just didn’t feel the same connection.

In addition to recording which books you’ve read, you can also record how many books or pages you’ve read or how long you’ve read. So while Tin Woodman and Cowardly Lion are already reading chapter books, Scarecrow is still nurturing his new, young brain, with shorter picture books. Since he reads a lot of those each day, I’m tracking his reading by the number of books he’s read.

Early users have loved this robust tracking ability. One mom who, like me, had searched far and wide for her heart’s yearning—in her case, a tool to manage her family’s reading—exclaimed when she used the platform, “I love it! This is seriously making my dreams come true.”

I also love the granular control I have over privacy settings: I can choose on a per reader profile, per collection and per review basis whether to make content public or keep it private. I’ll be honest, sometimes I just want to keep my thoughts about a book to myself.

You can also add and track custom reading material. For example, last year I gave Scarecrow a custom book I had made on his birthday. He loves to read it, so I added it to his account. And the Tin Woodman is really into magazines about healthy cardio, so I track those, too.

I’m careful not to let logging reading turn into a chore that detracts from the joy of reading. Instead, I’m really looking forward to creating a record of all the reading we do over the years—the books we read and what we thought of them. I’ve read these reading records can be a priceless keepsake, and I kind of wish Aunt Em had kept one for me!

Now you know all about the power of creating an account and reader profiles. In the next leg of our journey, I’ll tell you about how easy it is to discover new books on the platform.

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