Why These 10 Kids Love Reading With Mom

Published 4 years ago

In case your day wasn’t already full of cuteness, we took time earlier this week to ask some of our favorite little ones a simple question: “What do you love most about reading with mom?” Here are some of our favorite answers.

Hailey (age 5):

“I love reading with my mom because she uses silly voices that make me laugh.”

Rachel (age 3):

“I love reading with my mom because I get to snuggle with her and tell her I love her. And I love her too!”

Lincoln (age 3). This one is from his mom:

“[W]e spent like ten minutes trying to get an answer out of Lincoln but got absolutely nowhere. All he wanted to do was talk about the time I read Goldilocks to him and he started crying because he thought it was so scary.”

Goldilocks is pretty scary, right? ;)

From Summer (3 years old):

“That she reads to me lots so I can learn to read.”

“Because she makes it special.”

“That she snuggles me.”

“That she is happy.”

“Because reading with your mom is always important and it makes your mom special.”

From Savannah (age 6), who has two little sisters:

“I really like when I snuggle with her and read.”

“I also really like that sometimes we read just me and Mom.”

Houston (age 5):

“likes super heroes” . . .

From Hallie (9 years old):

“She has good expression”

Oaklie (7 years old):

“I like to hear her beautiful voice.”

Easton (4 years old):

“I want to read by myself . . . Like chapter books.”

“Because she’s a nice mommy.”

Kade (3 years old):

“Just read with dad!

“Playing with toys and reading.”

And Jack (age 5):

“Cuz it’s kind of fun.”

To our own mothers, I can only add, we love you! You would give us the world. We may be old or young, but we always love a warm snuggle or a big hug. Your voice will always be familiar, expressive, and beautiful—and sometimes silly. You’ve protected us from scary things (Goldilocks, E.T., the snow monster from Frozen, giant spiders, etc.). And yes, we’ll even admit we think you’re kind of fun. ;) To all our moms, happy Mother’s Day!

All our love,

The Bookroo Crew

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