The Ultimate
Dandylion Summer
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Question 1 of 5

Which best describes the relationship between the two main characters?

  • sisters
  • friends
  • cousins
  • twins

Question 2 of 5

Where does Dandylion sleep?

  • outside the window
  • in the bottom bunk
  • on the rug
  • in the park

Question 3 of 5

When does Dandylion disappear?

  • in the fall
  • when the girls grow up
  • when the girls have a fight
  • when it rains

Question 4 of 5

What animal is perched in the tree outside the girls' home on the final page?

  • tiger
  • lion
  • cat
  • rhino

Question 5 of 5

Complete the quote: "Suddenly, a lion sits beside us, as lovely as ___"

  • the first breath of summer
  • a flower garden
  • a bowl full of candy
  • the sun

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