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Fur, Feather, Fin - All of Us Are Kin
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Question 1 of 10

All birds

  • have feathers
  • eat worms
  • can fly
  • sing beautiful songs

Question 2 of 10


  • lay their eggs in water or wet places
  • are all great jumpers
  • spend most of their time in the water
  • include pond turtles

Question 3 of 10

All mammals have

  • fur or hair
  • lots of babies
  • sharp teeth
  • long migrations

Question 4 of 10


  • have scales
  • can't swim
  • live only in the desert
  • are usually dangerous

Question 5 of 10

All arthropods

  • are part of the balance of nature
  • have six legs
  • live on the ground
  • eat plants

Question 6 of 10

All fish

  • can get oxygen from the water
  • have the same basic shape
  • live in the ocean
  • can move with or without bones

Question 7 of 10

Other (non-fish) water-dwellers

  • might cling to rocks
  • are all pretty small
  • always have bones
  • live in the deep ocean

Question 8 of 10

Detritivores (such as worms and snails and beetles)

  • help turn rotting things into soil
  • don't like rain
  • are yucky and should be removed
  • can't really be considered "animals"

Question 9 of 10

A good way to care for wild animals is to

  • leave them alone
  • feed them
  • bring them home
  • play with them

Question 10 of 10

Animals are like us because

  • we all want safety, shelter, and food
  • we all eat the same thing
  • all of our babies are born the same way
  • we can all read and learn about other animals

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