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Who does Hosea say was his first love?

  • Miss Clara Net
  • Miss Tru Empet
  • Miss Sassy Phone
  • Miss Flu Ote

Question 2 of 5

What instrument does Hosea buy for Nate?

  • trumpet
  • saxiphone
  • clarinet
  • tuba

Question 3 of 5

Where does Hosea play the saxiphone?

  • public market
  • train station
  • with the symphony orchestra
  • a jazz club

Question 4 of 5

How does Hosea get around town?

  • He takes the bus.
  • He rides the train.
  • He takes his old pick-up truck.
  • His motorcycle and side car.

Question 5 of 5

Who is Nate?

  • Hosea's neighbor
  • Hosea's son
  • a stranger who is down on his luck
  • a paying student of Hosea's

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