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    What is Abigail Rook's fathers occupation?

  • Question 2 of 12

    What kind of creature is Mrs. Morrigan?

  • Question 3 of 12

    What did Abigail notice about Commissioner Swift?

  • Question 4 of 12

    What did Jackaby find in Arthur Bragg's office when he snuck back in?

  • Question 5 of 12

    What was Hatun doing when Abigail first met her?

  • Question 6 of 12

    What is the name of the ghost that lives in Jackaby's House?

  • Question 7 of 12

    What animal did Douglas, Jackaby's prior assisstant, get turned into?

  • Question 8 of 12

    Who was the third person that was murdered?

  • Question 9 of 12

    Who turned out to be the murderer?

  • Question 10 of 12

    What did Jackaby do to kill the redcap?

  • Question 11 of 12

    What work did Jackaby want Abigail to do after the case was solved?

  • Question 12 of 12

    What did Jackaby give to Abigail at the end of the book?

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