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How much bubble mixture did George pour into the bath for Ribsy?

  • A whole bottle full.
  • A cup and a half.
  • Almost half of a bottle.
  • Three tablespoons.

Question 2 of 10

Why did Mrs. Frawley think it was okay to keep Ribsy?

  • She thought he was abandoned.
  • He reminded her of her grandson's dog.
  • She bought him his own doghouse.
  • Ribsy made it clear to her that he didn't like his real owner.

Question 3 of 10

How did Ribsy get out of the Hugginses' vehicle?

  • He accidentally pressed the window button down.
  • He jumped out of the back of their truck.
  • He pushed the unlocked door open.
  • A concerned stranger smashed in the window.

Question 4 of 10

What kind of animal did Danny's mother bring to the school for show-and-tell?

  • A squirrel
  • A turtle
  • A snake
  • A dog like Ribsy

Question 5 of 10

Where did Joe find Ribsy?

  • At a high school football game
  • On the side of the highway
  • In the grocery store parking lot
  • In a junkyard where Joe's dad worked

Question 6 of 10

What does Joe's sister Darlene do to annoy him when he wants to watch television?

  • Practice the piano
  • Play loudly with her dolls
  • Beg him to throw a baseball with her
  • Sing at the top of her lungs

Question 7 of 10

What was the reward posted in the newspaper for finding Ribsy?

  • Ten dollars
  • Five dollars
  • Fifty dollars
  • Twenty-five cents

Question 8 of 10

What is the name of the street where Henry and Ribsy live?

  • Klickitat Street
  • Mulackey Street
  • Adirondack Street
  • Main Street

Question 9 of 10

Which paw does Ribsy shake hands with?

  • Left paw
  • Right paw
  • Either paw
  • Ribsy doesn't shake hands

Question 10 of 10

What floor of the apartment building did Ribsy start out on when Larry put him on the fire escape?

  • Second floor
  • First floor
  • Third floor
  • Fourth floor

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