The Ultimate
Sam the Man & the Chicken Plan
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Question 1 of 10

What color was the feather Mrs. Kerner gave to Sam?

  • red
  • blue
  • yellow
  • purple

Question 2 of 10

What happened to Sam's feather collection?

  • The blew away out of his box
  • Someone stole them
  • He gave them to his friends
  • Nothing happened to his feather collection

Question 3 of 10

What animal does Annabell want?

  • a goat
  • a chicken
  • a ferret
  • a snake

Question 4 of 10

How did Sam get his chicken?

  • His dad put an ad on the community website
  • Mrs. Kerner found it for him
  • At the pet store
  • From his classmate who sells chickens

Question 5 of 10

When Sam asked for a chicken, what kind of eggs did he want it to lay?

  • green eggs
  • blue eggs
  • brown eggs
  • white eggs

Question 6 of 10

Which is not one of the 3 facts about chickens Sam tells Mrs. Kerner that helps him get the job?

  • They like to be held
  • They lay eggs
  • They like to be around other chickens
  • Their poop is good for the garden

Question 7 of 10

Who goes with Sam during the night to protect the chickens from the raccoon?

  • Sam's sister, Annabelle
  • Sam's mom
  • Sam's dad
  • Sam doesn't end up going, he waits until morning

Question 8 of 10

What color was the feather Judy gave to Sam?

  • red
  • blue
  • green
  • white

Question 9 of 10

What does Sam spend his first $20 on from watching the chickens?

  • Annabelle's special box
  • a bunch of candy
  • a chicken
  • A toy from the store

Question 10 of 10

What kind of eggs does Sam's chicken lay?

  • Blue eggs
  • Brown eggs
  • Small eggs
  • Giant eggs

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