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Question 1 of 12

Where is Agnes from?

  • Poland
  • NYC
  • London
  • Germany

Question 2 of 12

Who is Dean Martin?

  • Mrs. De Witt's Dog
  • The chauffeur
  • Louisa's co-worker
  • Louisa's NYC boyfriend

Question 3 of 12

Why did Louisa get fired?

  • Louisa was taking money out everyday for a piano for Agnes’ niece
  • Louisa was taking money out everyday for a college fund
  • Louisa was taking money out everyday for Agnes' six year old daughter
  • Louisa was taking money out for her vintage wardrobe

Question 4 of 12

Why did Agnes feel uncomfortable at her husband's elite social events?

  • She lost all of her friends once she married her rich husband and felt like everyone else judged her
  • She was Polish and couldn't speak to anyone
  • She was so much younger than everyone
  • She didn't feel beautiful

Question 5 of 12

Where did Louisa meet Josh?

  • At the Yellow Ball
  • At a work Christmas party
  • At the Gopnik's apartment
  • At the Golden Ball

Question 6 of 12

What did Josh ask Louisa to do that made her break up with him?

  • Change her outfit before they went to dinner with his boss
  • Move into his apartment
  • Try to get a new job
  • Change her hairstyle

Question 7 of 12

Why was Sam upset when he visited Louisa in NYC?

  • He found a pregnancy test
  • He wanted Louisa to come back to London
  • He felt betrayed
  • He wanted Louisa to wear a different outfit

Question 8 of 12

Who looked like Will Traynor?

  • Josh
  • Sam
  • Nathan
  • Dean Martin

Question 9 of 12

Who is Sam?

  • Louisa's boyfriend from London
  • One of the staff at the Gopnik's apartment
  • Louisa's friend in NYC
  • A nephew of Mr. Gopnik

Question 10 of 12

What did Louisa do for work in New York?

  • She worked as an assistant to Agnes Gopnik.
  • She worked for Sam's Hospital as a receptionist
  • She worked for a vintage clothing shop
  • She worked for Will Traynor's great aunt

Question 11 of 12

Where did Louisa live?

  • In the staff's quarters of the Gopnik's apartment
  • In an apartment on the UWS
  • In a shared apartment with 3 other women
  • In the University housing

Question 12 of 12

Who said, “You are jogging in New York! This is a whole new you! For a few glorious strides I almost believed it.”?

  • Louisa
  • Sam
  • Patrick
  • Josh

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