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Question 1 of 10

When deciding what items to keep, what strategy should you use?

  • Start with easy items
  • Start with hard items
  • Start with small items
  • Start with large items

Question 2 of 10

Marie Kondo says you only need to cleanup this often if you do it right.

  • Once
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Once a month

Question 3 of 10

Which of these is NOT a question Marie Condo recommends asking when deciding to keep or toss an item?

  • Was this thing expensive?
  • Does this thing make me happy when I see it/hold it?
  • Do I see/hold it on a regular basis?
  • How did it land in my house?

Question 4 of 10

What is the first step of cleaning?

  • Closing your eyes
  • Putting everything in a pile
  • Washing your hands
  • Taking a shower

Question 5 of 10

What are the two kinds of decisions the work of tidying can be broadly divided into?

  • Whether or not to dispose of something and where to put something
  • Whether to keep an item or whether to throw it out
  • Whether to clean an item or sell it
  • Selecting a room and selecting an item

Question 6 of 10

Which of these is a strategy Marie Kondo suggests?

  • Eliminate excess visual information that doesn't inspire joy
  • Don't aim for perfection. Start off slowly and discard just one item a day.
  • Tidy up by location.
  • Get rid of one thing every time you buy something new.

Question 7 of 10

Marie Kondo can think of no greater happiness in life than what?

  • To be surrounded only by the things she loves
  • To always be cleaning
  • To be a famous author
  • To live in a beautiful home

Question 8 of 10

What does Marie Kondo say clutter is caused by?

  • A failure to return things to where they belong
  • Buying too many items
  • A poor system for where things belong
  • A lack of discipline

Question 9 of 10

Storage should reduce the effort needed to what?

  • Put things away
  • Get things out
  • Carry heavy objects
  • See what's inside

Question 10 of 10

Which of these is one of Marie Kondo's rules about storage?

  • Store all items of the same type in the same place
  • Store items that bring you the most joy in the most accessible locations
  • Don't store those items that bring you joy
  • A storage container should never contain more than ten items

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