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The Maltese Falcon
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Question 1 of 13

Miss Wonderly comes to Spade originally for what reason?

  • She is trying to find her sister
  • She is being followed by a dangerous man
  • She wants to find a maltese falcon
  • She needs to find a man called Thursby

Question 2 of 13

Why does Spade not trust Brigid?

  • She lied to him about who she was
  • She stole from him
  • She turned him into the police
  • She had him followed

Question 3 of 13

What does Cairo want Spade to find?

  • A black bird figurine
  • Thursby
  • Gutman
  • Archer's murderer

Question 4 of 13

What is Brigid's strength?

  • Beauty
  • Brains
  • Timid
  • Truthfulness

Question 5 of 13

What letter do Brigid and Cairo use to describe a person they seem to fear?

  • G
  • A
  • M
  • C

Question 6 of 13

What did the black bird figurine historically represent?

  • A symbol that Malta was still under control by Spain
  • A symbol of the wealth of Spain
  • A gift from Spain to Malta
  • A token passed down to kings in Spain

Question 7 of 13

Which character is least motivated by greed?

  • Effie
  • Gutman
  • Spade
  • Brigid

Question 8 of 13

Who stumbles into Spade's office with gunshot wounds?

  • Captain Jacobi
  • Effie
  • Gutman
  • Cairo

Question 9 of 13

Who becomes framed for Thursby and Archer's murder?

  • Wilmer
  • Cairo
  • Gutman
  • Spade

Question 10 of 13

What is wrong with the black bird figurine Spade found?

  • It is a fake
  • The paint is chipping off
  • The figurine is gold
  • It is missing a wing

Question 11 of 13

What happens to Brigid in the end of the book?

  • She is turned in by Spade for Archer's murder
  • She and Spade get married
  • She is killed by Wilmer
  • She continues to search for the black bird figurine

Question 12 of 13

What happens to Gutman at the end of the book?

  • He is killed by Wilmer
  • He leaves with Cairo
  • He turns Wilmer into the police for Thursby's death
  • He continues his hunt for the black bird figurine

Question 13 of 13

How much money does Spade request in exchange for the figurine?

  • 10,000
  • 9,000
  • 1,000
  • 11,000

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