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Question 1 of 14

What solidifies Rudy Baylor's desire to become a lawyer?

  • His father hates lawyers
  • He wants to be rich
  • He wants to help the needy
  • He wants to be a judge

Question 2 of 14

How does Donny Ray die?

  • From leukemia
  • In a car accident
  • He falls from a ladder
  • He is shot

Question 3 of 14

What treatment does the insurance company deny to cover for Donny Ray?

  • A bone marrow transplant
  • A heart transplant
  • A kidney transplant
  • An MRI

Question 4 of 14

What happens to the law firm Rudy first intended to join?

  • It is merged with another firm
  • It goes bankrupt
  • It moves to another city
  • It is investigated by the FBI

Question 5 of 14

Where does Rudy work part time during law school?

  • A local bar
  • At his law school
  • As a tutor
  • For a judge

Question 6 of 14

After he's evicted, where does Rudy find a new place?

  • At his client Miss Birdie's place
  • With his friend Deck
  • At his friend Booker's place
  • He sleeps at his law office

Question 7 of 14

What happens to the Lake firm office?

  • It burns down in a fire
  • It is destroyed in an earthquake
  • It is destroyed in a flood
  • Nothing

Question 8 of 14

Who does Rudy find a job with?

  • The law office of Bruiser Stone
  • His law school
  • Great Benefit Insurance
  • His friend Booker

Question 9 of 14

Why is Kelly at the hospital?

  • Her husband beat her
  • She was in a car accident
  • She got hurt while playing softball
  • She has cancer

Question 10 of 14

How does Rudy save money on rent?

  • By helping Miss Birdie with yard work
  • By finding a roommate
  • By living at his office
  • By living at the law school

Question 11 of 14

Who shows Rudy how to get a new injury case at the hospital?

  • Bruiser's paralegal Deck Shifflet
  • His girlfriend Kelly
  • His law school friend Booker
  • His father

Question 12 of 14

What did the insurance letter call Dot Black?

  • Stupid
  • Thief
  • Liar
  • Witch

Question 13 of 14

Who is investigating Bruiser?

  • FBI
  • Mafia
  • Private investigator
  • Local law firm

Question 14 of 14

What happens to the insurance company Great Benefit?

  • It files for bankruptcy
  • It wins its case against the Blacks
  • It hires Rudy
  • It continues to rip off new policyholders

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