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Question 1 of 14

Why is Molly sent to live with the Hamley's?

  • One of her father's apprentices is attracted to her
  • To learn how to be a proper woman
  • She needed a mother figure
  • Her father was traveling because of his job

Question 2 of 14

Whose marriage does Molly have to keep a secret?

  • Osbourne
  • Roger
  • Mr. Preston
  • Cynthia

Question 3 of 14

Why does Cynthia want to keep her engagement a secret?

  • She has promised herself to another man
  • She is in love with another man
  • She does not want her mother to know
  • She does not want her sister to know

Question 4 of 14

Why is Roger unable to speak to Molly before his second expedition?

  • A Scarlet Fever scare
  • His brother passes away
  • Her father does no allow it
  • He finds her awkward

Question 5 of 14

Who does Cynthia end up marrying?

  • Mr. Henderson
  • Mr. Preston
  • Roger
  • Mr. Gibson

Question 6 of 14

Where did Cynthia go to school?

  • France
  • England
  • United States
  • Italy

Question 7 of 14

Molly's father decides to marry Miss Clare for what reason?

  • He believes Molly needs a mother figure
  • He believes Cynthia needs a mother figure
  • He believes there past has brought them together again
  • Their daughters are the same age and could be friends

Question 8 of 14

How does the book end?

  • Roger tells Mr. Gibson his love for Molly
  • Roger and Molly get married
  • Roger and Cynthia end up together
  • Molly passes away from scarlet fever

Question 9 of 14

Where do the two Hamley boys attend school?

  • Cambridge
  • Oxford
  • Harvard
  • Yale

Question 10 of 14

What is Clare's real name?

  • Hyacinth
  • Cynthia
  • Harriet
  • Eyre

Question 11 of 14

Where does Molly move during the wedding preparations?

  • The Browning Sisters Home
  • The Hamley Hall
  • The Gibson House
  • The Towers

Question 12 of 14

How does the Squire react to Aimee's arrival?

  • Shocked
  • Angry
  • Distraght
  • Agitated

Question 13 of 14

Mrs. Gibson tries to arrange a marriage between Cynthia and who?

  • Osbourne
  • Roger
  • Mr. Coxe
  • Mr. Preston

Question 14 of 14

Why do people not like Clare?

  • She is lacking in character and not trustworthy
  • She talks too much and only thinks of herself
  • She is after money since her husband died
  • She uses people to boost her social status

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