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Looking for the best children's board books?
The Nonsense Show book
The Nonsense Show
Written & illustrated by Eric Carle
board book
Recommend Ages: 0-3

Yes, there’s something strange, something funny and even downright preposterous on every page of this book. But it’s not a mistake – it’s nonsense! Nonsense lies at the heart of many beloved nursery rhymes. Children readily accept odd statements like “the cow jumped over the moon” and “the dish ran away with the spoon.” This fanciful bending of reality is also basic to surrealism.

In this book, nonsense and surrealism combine to spark creativity and imagination. What’s true? What’s impossible? What’s absolutely absurd? From Eric Carle, creator of the classic, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, comes a book to make children laugh and think, preparing them for a lifetime of loving both words and art.

Pizza! book
Written & illustrated by Lotta Nieminen
board book
Recommend Ages: 2-4

Cook pizza from scratch in this fully interactive recipe book that allows readers mix the ingredients, knead the dough, spread the sauce, and more! STEP ONE: Stir the yeast and sugar into the warm water, and set aside until bubbly. STEP TWO: Combine the flour and salt in a large mixing bowl. STEP THREE: Add the oil and yeast mixture into the large bowl and mix until the ingredients turn into a large clump of dough! Simple yet accurate recipe text takes readers through the steps of cooking pizza, from dough to toppings, while the interactive novelty features invite them to participate in the process! One hundred percent adult-free, knife-free, oven-free, and mess-free, cooking pizza has never been so independent! Perfect for kids who love to help in the kitchen, or any child who prefers to ‘do it myself’. This is the second title in a series of interactive recipe books.

Guess the Vehicle book
Guess the Vehicle
board book
Recommend Ages: 4-18
Under Construction book
Under Construction
Written by & illustrated by Heather Brown
board book
Recommend Ages: 3-5

Construction zone ahead! With this rough and tumble board book, toddlers will experience the construction of a new building from the ground up. Under Construction lets kids experience construction from the ground up. This little book is packed to the rafters with all of the most recognizable construction equipment. Read along as bulldozers, diggers, and dump trucks all do their part in transforming a dusty pile of rubble into a shiny new toy store, introducing preschoolers to construction signs along the way.

Christmas Is Awesome! (a Hello!lucky Book) book
Christmas Is Awesome! (a Hello!lucky Book)
Written & illustrated by Hello!Lucky
board book
Recommend Ages: 0-3

Christmas is for everyone—even grumpy Lump of Coal—in this whimsical story from Hello!Lucky In this whimsical holiday romp, everyone’s getting in on the festive fun, including a grumpy but adorable lump of coal. Celebrate all of the things that make Christmas special as the trees are trimmed, the stockings are hung, and the ugly sweater contest gives out the grand prize. Hello!Lucky lends their winning illustrations and pun-derful voice to this charming holiday read.

  1. Spooky Pookie - Pookie gets dressed up for Halloween in this silly board book from beloved and bestselling author and illustrator Sandra Boynton. It’s Halloween! What will little Pookie decide to be this year? Pookie tries on costumes one by one, but somehow can’t find just the right thing. The resolution to Pookie’s dilemma will delight toddlers and their caregivers alike. Told and illustrated with Sandra Boynton’s celebrated charm and pizzazz, Spooky Pookie has all the makings of a beloved Halloween classic. Boo!

  2. The Secret Garden - BabyLit® is a fashionable way to introduce your toddler to the world of classic literature. With clever, simple text by Jennifer Adams, paired with stylish design and illustrations by Sugar’s Alison Oliver, these books are a must for every savvy parent’s nursery library. This book introduces your toddler to Burnett’s, The Secret Garden.

  3. The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin - This gently spooky twist on “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” makes a favorite nursery rhyme just perfect for Halloween! The itsy bitsy pumpkin rolled down the spooky street. He passed a ghoulish ghost and some stinky goblin’s feet. A little pumpkin is trying to find his way back home! And with a little help from a friendly witch, he is soon safe and sound, back on his porch—where there are no spiders to be seen! Little ones will love this fresh fall spin on a classic nursery rhyme!

  4. Good Night, Baby Animals - Good night, sweet little one! Babies will curl up with this padded, chunky board book featuring real-life photographs of cuddly baby animals drifting off to sleep. Babies will love discovering photographs of hugging kittens, snuggling puppies, napping ducklings, and other baby animals that are fast asleep… especially at bedtime. The adorable pages asking how each animal says good night are interactive and relaxing, sure to inspire quiet time for your toddler. The chunky board book with padded cover is just the right size for tiny toddler hands to grasp and hold.

Bath! Bath! Bath! book
Bath! Bath! Bath!
board book
Recommend Ages: 3-6

Bath time is fun! fun! fun! in this playful board book! Today we had such fun! fun! fun! But now the day is done! done! done! After a fun-filled day, it’s time to go home and take a bath! From washing tiny toes and your little nose to making rubber ducky go quack! quack! quack!, bath time is fun! fun! fun! The rhyming text makes this the perfect read-along story to get little ones excited for bath time.

Mini Myths: Be Careful, Icarus! book
Mini Myths: Be Careful, Icarus!
Written by Joan Holub & illustrated by Leslie Patricelli
board book
Recommend Ages: 1-3

After little Icarus and his dad make a bird-shaped kite, Dad warns Icarus to hold on to the string and not let it fly too high. But Icarus disobeys, and soon the kite gets caught in the trees! Dad helps him repair the kite so they can play with it again, and Icarus learns the importance of being careful. Joan Holub’s carefully crafted text is brought to life by Leslie Patricelli’s famously humorous illustrations. Includes a summary of the original Icarus myth.

See, Touch, Feel book
See, Touch, Feel
Written & illustrated by Roger Priddy
board book
Recommend Ages: 0-3

There’s lots for baby to explore in See, Touch, Feel: A First Sensory Book. This sturdy board book, with bright photgraphs of happy babies, is specially designed to stimulate curiosity through sensory play. Each page has a colorful picture activity that invites baby to touch and explore. There are raised textures to feel, finger trails to follow, and a shiny mirror to look in to. Can they follow the swirl on the snail’s shell. Can they tap the drum? As your baby grows, See, Touch, Feel will help your child develop language recognition and motor skills, as they learn to interact with the book in new ways. With lots to explore together, See, Touch, Feel is an ideal first book to share with your baby.

A Nest in Springtime book
A Nest in Springtime
Written & illustrated by Belle Yang
board book
Recommend Ages: 0-3

In English and Mandarin Chinese, Belle Yang’s bilingual board books celebrate the natural world with simple concepts and beautiful, bold illustrations. In springtime, when wild geese come to nest, there are eggs for counting. But how many goslings will there be? And how many in the whole paddling family, when Papa and Mama join them? Tonal marks used in the book are explained in a final spread, along with a pinyin translation of the Chinese characters.

Curious Critters Texas book
Curious Critters Texas
Written & illustrated by David FitzSimmons
board book
Recommend Ages: 1-3

Curious Critters Texas brings young readers face-to-face with colorful, fascinating, and fun animals that are commonly found in the Lone Star State. Foster the love of nature in your young one through stunning photos of birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, fish, and more. Learn about what lives in your own backyard!

  1. Light Up the Stars! - Paint the sky with rainbows and make the stars shine with this novelty board book! Kids just pull the tabs to make colorful flowers bloom, help a ship sail the ocean, and light up an entire city. At the end, you can shut a boy’s eyes to put him to sleep at night . . . and wake him in the morning. It’s magical!

  2. Ballet Slippers - Get ready to dance with this photographic board book that looks and feels like real ballet slippers! Perfect for all aspiring dancers, Ballet Slippers teaches little ones the basic terms of ballet. Shaped like a pair of ballet slippers, the book also features a textured, padded cover that feels like satin shoes! With photographic interiors and simple text, this novelty book focuses on the joy of dancing and twirling around. Now step out and dance! It’s time to take center stage!

  3. How Things Grow - A brand-new title in this bestselling series from Eric Carle! A tadpole becomes a frog, an acorn becomes an oak tree, and a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. By lifting the big, sturdy flaps, young readers will discover the world around them and how things grow through Eric Carle’s bright, beautiful images. A perfect companion title for Eric Carle’s ABC, Opposites, and All Around Us.

  4. Dear Santa - From Rod Campbell, the bestselling creator of the beloved classic Dear Zoo, Dear Santa is a lift-the-flap novelty book being reissued in time for Christmas! In this delightful tale, Santa is looking for the perfect present to send to a special child. Lift the flaps to reveal a big kite, a bouncy ball, and a mask! But nothing seems quite right…until Christmas Eve, when Santa finds the perfect gift to leave under the tree. With lift-the-flaps throughout and a touch and feel element on the last page, this holiday tale is perfect for parents to read with their little ones.

Maze Book: Follow Me Around the World book
Maze Book: Follow Me Around the World
Written by Roger Priddy
board book
Recommend Ages: 0-5

Follow Me Around the World is a finger maze adventure with colorful continent scenes and grooved maze trails to trace with fingertips. Follow Fox through seven exciting and colorful trail scenes that can be explored using fingertips to trace along the grooved mazes on the pages. In each busy scene there are recognizable sights to spot and charming animal characters to search for as you travel from continent to continent. The different winding mazes run from hole to hole throughout the book to a final map showing all the interesting places Fox has visited and the friends he has made along the way. A unique and beautiful book to explore with your child! Also available: Follow Me and Follow Me Halloween.

Everything Goes: Santa Goes Everywhere! book
Everything Goes: Santa Goes Everywhere!
Written & illustrated by Brian Biggs
board book
Recommend Ages: 1-4

Everything Goes: Santa Goes Everywhere! is a delightful Christmas-themed board-book addition to the Everything Goes series of picture books, board books, and I Can Reads.

It’s Christmas Eve, and Santa’s doing something a little different this year. Instead of by sleigh, he and a reindeer pal travel by boat, plane, truck, train, and more, delivering presents to children around the world.

Young fans of vehicles will adore the bright, bold, and charmingly detailed illustrations.

Valentine's Shapes book
Valentine's Shapes
Written by Barbara Barbieri McGrath & illustrated by Peggy Tagel
board book
Recommend Ages: 0-3

This unique alternative to stuffed animals and sweets makes baby’s first Valentine’s Day all about shapes, including Valentine favorites like hearts, balloons, and flowers.

Will You Still Love Me? book
Will You Still Love Me?
Written by Carol Roth & illustrated by Daniel Howarth
board book
Recommend Ages: 1-3

Said the bunny to his mother, just as sweetly as could be, “When the baby bunnies come, will you still love me?” “Of course,” said Mother Bunny. “You’re my extra-special one. And I’ll love you just as much when the baby bunnies come.” Every child is anxious about the arrival of a new brother or sister. In Carol Roth’s sweet, comforting story, various animal mothers-and one human one-reassure their little ones that love has no limits, and they will be loved as much as before. Daniel Howarth’s soft watercolors tenderly depict the mother-child bond.

Good Morning, Farm Friends book
Good Morning, Farm Friends
Written & illustrated by Annie Bach
board book
Recommend Ages: 0-3

Rise and shine! This charming board book about farm animals waking up and getting ready for a busy day is perfect for the youngest readers. As the sun rises, the animals on a bustling farm get ready for the day. Pigs roll around in the mud, cows wait at the milking stall, and horses run through pastures. But is everyone awake? The rooster will make sure of it! The fun rhyming text and colorful illustrations in this delightful book will help little ones start their day off just right.

  1. The Wheels on the Bus - Charming illustrations bring well-known songs and rhymes to life in this fun collection. Children will love learning Five Little Speckled Frogs,The Itsy Bitsy Spider, B-I-N-G-O, and more.

  2. Little Orange Scarf - Little Owl loves many things, including his tree house in City Park, riding his scooter, and eating ice cream. But he does not love the new orange scarf his mommy makes him wear. It’s too long. It’s too itchy. It’s too . . . orange! After several attempts to lose his orange scarf, Little Owl finally succeeds. But a trip to the yarn store provides Mommy with the perfect solution to keep Little Owl warm and happy. From the author of Small Bunny’s Blue Blanket comes another toddler-friendly—and parent-friendly—board book offering.

  3. Pierre: A Cautionary Tale in Five Chapters and a Prologue - Pierre, along with the other three classic Nutshell Library titles (Alligators All Around, Chicken Soup with Rice, and One Was Johnny), is the first board book edition of Maurice Sendak’s original work! You loved Nutshell Library as a miniature collection, and these large board books make it even easier for children to share with their grown-up readers. For over fifty years, children have cared about Pierre, Maurice Sendak’s story about a little boy who doesn’t care about anything. And they will continue to care about this classic cautionary tale in this durable board book format.

  4. Quiet As a Mouse: And Other Animal Idioms - Are you hungry as a bear? Sly as a fox? Stubborn as a mule? Introducing ANIMAL IDIOMS! This entertaining die-cut board book, featuring colorful, adorable art, introduces children to some fun animal idioms. Like a guessing game, each image shows just a part of the creature, with an accompanying rhyme that hints at its identity. Kids turn the page . . . and see which friendly animal fits the bill.

Guadalupe: First Words/Primeras Palabras book
Guadalupe: First Words/Primeras Palabras
Written by Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein & illustrated by Citlali Reyes
board book
Recommend Ages: 0-3

A Lil’ LIbros Bilingual Picture Book Inspired by Our Lady of Guadalupe, this book will introduce children to her story through pictures and their first English and Spanish words. Travel back to the 15th century when the Virgin of Guadalupe once appeared before Juan Diego. Your childwill learn first words such as sandalias(sandals), luz(light), and jardin(garden).

Maze Book: Follow Me Halloween book
Maze Book: Follow Me Halloween
Written & illustrated by Roger Priddy
board book
Recommend Ages: 1-4

Follow Me Halloween is a fantastically busy Halloween finger trail book for young children. They will love to follow Boo the ghost through each of the seven Halloween scenes, using their fingertips to trace along the grooved mazes. Each scene is full of funny little Halloween characters to spot in the Ghost Town, the Count’s Castle, the Witches’ Wood, and more. And at the end of every trail is a hole going through to the start of the next exciting maze adventure. This little board book is packed full of fun, making it an ideal Halloween gift for under fives.

Noisy Fire Truck Sound Book book
Noisy Fire Truck Sound Book
Written & illustrated by Roger Priddy
board book
Recommend Ages: 0-3

There is lots of lift-the-flap fun to be had and four flashing sound buttons to press in Noisy Fire Truck, a brilliant book for truck-mad kids. Each spread focuses on a different rescue vehicle—from a fire truck to an ambulance, a rescue boat to a helicopter—with an exciting siren and other noises to hear on the press of each button. Lift the flaps and read the simple text to learn about the unique features on each vehicle, and there’s a simple matching activity for additional fun. Publishing alongside Noisy Tractor.

Indestructibles: Home Sweet Home book
Indestructibles: Home Sweet Home
Written by Amy Pixton & illustrated by Stephan Lomp
board book
Recommend Ages: 0-2

It’s the series that could! Built for the way babies read. Sweet, soothing books, uniquely designed for safety and convenience, INDESTRUCTIBLES are printed on lightweight, nontoxic paper material, easy to clean (even dishwasher safe), and 100% chew, rip, bend, and drool proof. And now, introducing the cozy topic of home!

Home Sweet Home introduces baby to different rooms (living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom) and the many things inside of them (couch, table, bathtub, crib), reinforcing the pleasure of the home for families.

Delightful for babies to page through on their own or with Mom or Dad or an older sibling, this books, with its bright pictures and minimal text, is ideal for expecting parents, baby showers, or as a welcome-home gifts for a newborn.

This Is the Firefighter book
This Is the Firefighter
Written by Laura Godwin & illustrated by Julian Hector
board book
Recommend Ages: 5-6

The fire alarm sounds. The firefighter jumps in the truck and races to a daring rescue! Get ready for an adventure as Laura Godwin and Julian Hector celebrate one of our bravest everyday heroes in this board-book edition for little hands. Praise for This is the Firefighter (hardcover edition) “With its swift action, catchy verse, and appropriate palette (red, white, blue, and flame), this should find good use among preschool vehicle enthusiasts and new readers as well as in the ‘community helpers’ unit.” -The Horn Book

  1. Pom Pom Panda Gets the Grumps - An adorable story about a grumpy panda who wakes up on the wrong side of the bed–now available as a board book! One morning, Pom Pom Panda wakes up on the wrong side of the bed . . . and then nothing goes right. He can’t find his blanky, Timmington. And to make matters worse, his baby brother, Boo Boo, is playing with his favorite toy. Harrumph! By the time he arrives at school, Pom Pom is in a terrible mood. When his friends ask if he wants to play, that terrible mood comes pouring out: “LEAVE ME ALONE!” And that’s exactly what happens, much to Pom Pom’s surprise. From the creator of Where Bear? comes an adorable story that’ll be sure to cheer up any child (or parent) who woke up with a case of the grumps.

  2. I Am a Baby - “I am a baby, this is my crib, this is my high chair, this is my bib.” Photos of happy babies and words that encourage make this an irresistible read-aloud for every child and family. From the author of the critically acclaimed A Kiss Means I Love You and Show Me Happy comes a delightful approach to visual learning.

  3. Mary Poppins ABC - A practically perfect alphabet board book full of fantastic words from the whimsical world of Mary Poppins! Based on the 1962 classic edition. The ideal introduction to the magical nanny for the very youngest readers.

  4. Les Miserables - Introduce your bébéto the world of Victor Hugo with 10 words and phrases from the classic Les Miserables.Colorful, eye-catching illustrations of characters and objects from the novel pair with French translations you’ll want to hear your baby say again and again.

Hello, Dog! book
Hello, Dog!
Written by Susie Linn & illustrated by Zhanna Ovocheva
board book
Recommend Ages: 2-5

Dog wants to play. Peek-a-boo! Turn the pages to discover the cute animal characters who want to play too and are hiding in every window. Delicate touch-and-feel textures cut into the board pages add to the sensory story time fun.

I Love You So book
I Love You So
Written & illustrated by Marianne Richmond
board book
Recommend Ages: 0-4

“I love you.””How much?””SO much.””How much is so?””Way, Way more than you know.”I Love You So… puts into words the often indescribable quality of boundless, steady and unconditional love.This comforting story embraces the reader like a warm hug and gently reassures a child that love is for always - despite grouchy moods or physical separation.I Love You So… is the perfect pause in a hectic day, offering the gift of love to a treasured child.

Wrapped in Love book
Wrapped in Love
Written by Lucy Golden & illustrated by Kathryn Selbert
board book
Recommend Ages: 2-5

In this endearing board book, an iconic blanket is wrapped around newborns, providing them with warmth and security, just as their parents do. As soon as babies are born, they are swaddled in their very first blanket and placed in their parents’ loving arms. This book demonstrates how the warmth and security of this blanket, as well as the love and care of family, follow babies home. With soothing, lulling text and heartwarming illustrations, this board book is perfect for anyone who’s welcoming a newborn into the family.

Elmer's Day book
Elmer's Day
Written & illustrated by David McKee
board book
Recommend Ages: 0-4

From dawn to dusk, with lots of food and fun between, join Elmer on his day! This chunky board book with easy-grip toddler tabs on every page is perfect for the very youngest Elmer fans.

Hello, Cat! book
Hello, Cat!
Written by Susie Linn & illustrated by Zhanna Ovocheva
board book
Recommend Ages: 2-5

What can Cat spy with her little eye? Peek-a-boo! Turn the pages to discover the cute animal characters that are hiding in every window. Delicate touch-and-feel textures cut into the board pages add to the sensory story time fun.

  1. Ready for Weather - What’s the weather like today? No matter if it’s rainy, hot, or snowy, young readers will be prepared to take on the day in this newest addition to Sarah Jones’s winning ROYGBaby series. Through rainbow color-coordinated pages, hidden animals, and weather-specific clothing and accessories, children gain an understanding of how to prepare for the weather each day in this charming concept book.

  2. My First Fairy Tales: Goldilocks and the Three Bears - What is Goldilocks doing in the bears’ house? Li the flaps, pull tabs, and roll objects aside to discover Goldilocks as she eats the bears’ porridge, accidentally breaks a chair, and falls asleep in Baby Bear’s bed!

  3. Bedtime for Laura - Now the very youngest readers can share in the Little House adventures with these four new board books! In Hello, Laura!, visit Laura in her little house on the prairie. Join Laura as she helps Ma plant a vegetable garden in Laura’s Garden and Pa build a door for the little house in Laura Helps Pa. And even bedtime is fun as Laura goes to sleep to the sound of Pa’s fiddle in Bedtime for Laura. These sturdy new My First Little House board books are the perfect introduction to the world’s favorite pioneer adventure.

  4. Baby Beats: Let's Learn 3/4 Time! - Read, clap, and sing along! Baby Beats: Let’s Learn 3/4 Time is your child’s very first music lesson. This ingenious method of learning rhythm is perfect for music-loving families and novices alike. Ellen Stubbings’ adorable illustrations of an animal waltz enhance the child’s ability to recognize measures, beats, notes, and full songs. Baby Beats uses the syllables in animal names to teach the differences between quarter notes, half notes, and dotted half notes in 3/4 time. Discover a love of music together with Baby Beats!

The Icky Sticky Frog book
The Icky Sticky Frog
Written by Dawn Bentley
board book
Recommend Ages: 0-3

Reduced size hardcover book The Icky Sticky Froghas a stretchy sticky tongue and googly eyes.Out comes Frog’s tongue so sticky and long andSLURP! Another critter is gone!

Abre La Puerta del Granero... book
Abre La Puerta del Granero...
Written by Random House & illustrated by Christopher Santoro
board book
Recommend Ages: 0-3

Disfruta de un d�a en la granja y descubre c�mo son los animales y los sonidos que hacen para comunicarse. Levanta las 12 tapitas de este libro de cat�n y podr�s reconocer muchos de tus animales favoritos, como caballos, pollos, vacas y cerdos. Aprende c�mo es la vida en una granja. Spend a day on the farm and explore all the animal sights and sounds! Featuring 12 lift the flaps and a variety of barnyard favorites, including horses, chickens, cows, and pigs, this board book is a fun-filled introduction to life on the farm.

The Ugly Pumpkin book
The Ugly Pumpkin
Written & illustrated by Dave Horowitz
board book
Recommend Ages: 2-5

In time for Thanksgiving, a wacky twist on The Ugly Duckling.

The Ugly Pumpkin has waited all through October for someone to take him home, but no one wants him. He doesn’t look like other pumpkins. So the lonely Ugly Pumpkin leaves the patch in search of a place where he’ll fit in. By the time Thanksgiving arrives, he discovers the truth about who he is–but it’s not what he expected!

Baby Animals Spots & Stripes book
Baby Animals Spots & Stripes
Written & illustrated by Phyllis Limbacher Tildes
board book
Recommend Ages: 0-3

Featuring black and white art, Baby Animals includes four sets of baby animals (mammal, amphibian, bird, and insect), one striped and one spotted. The final full-color spread features human babies and reveals all eight animals as toys.

Baby Biochemist: Enzymes book
Baby Biochemist: Enzymes
Written by Cara Florance
board book
Recommend Ages: 1-3

The bestselling Baby University series is bringing little geniuses a whole new division of scientific topics, covered by leading medical expert Cara Florance.

Cause a chain reaction of learning in any child by introducing them to the world of enzymatics! Kids will learn through adorably drawn characters just how much work enzymes do to keep us running. Packed with great information and fun, these super helpers are sure to keep any budding scientist turning page after page.

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