One Fine Trade book
One Fine Trade
Written by Bobbi Miller and illustrated by Will Hillenbrand
picture book
Recommend Ages: 4-8

Georgy Piney Woods, the best peddler who ever lived, makes several trades so his daughter can buy a wedding dress.

Three Blind Mice Team Up with the Three Little Pigs book
Three Blind Mice Team Up with the Three Little Pigs
Written by Paul Harrison and illustrated by Mariano Epelbaum
picture book
Recommend Ages: 5-7

The Big Bad Wolf keeps trying to eat the three little pigs. The farmer's wife keeps chasing the three blind mice. If they work together, maybe they can solve each other's problems.

The Muffin Man book
The Muffin Man
Written by Blake Hoena and illustrated by Luke Flowers
picture book
Recommend Ages: 6-8

Do you know the Muffin Man? He makes lots of tasty treats in his popular bake shop. Sing and dance along as you follow him through his day, making muffins and feeding all of the hungry people right on Drury Lane. This hardcover library bound book comes with CD and online music access.

Hickory Dickory Dock book
Hickory Dickory Dock
Written and illustrated by Keith Baker
picture book
Recommend Ages: 4-7

Rhythmic text expands on the Mother Goose rhyme, including a variety of animals that react as the clock strikes one through twelve.

My Very First Mother Goose book
My Very First Mother Goose
Written by Iona Opie and illustrated by Rosemary Wells
picture book
Recommend Ages: 1-4

To a small child, words are magical. And the most magical of all are the beloved, venerable words of Mother Goose. Now folklorist Iona Opie has gathered more than sixty treasured rhymes in their most perfect, honest form. From "Hey Diddle, Diddle" and "Pat-a-Cake" to "Little Jack Horner" and "Pussycat, Pussycat," these are familiar verses that have been passed from parent to child for generations; these are the rhymes that are every child's birthright. With watercolors by Rosemary Wells that may prove equally enduring, MY VERY FIRST MOTHER GOOSE captures the simple joy and the sly humor that are the essence of Mother Goose. Parents and children will find themselves exploring this volume together, savoring delightful details and funny surprises on every page. This is a book that promises hours of quiet smiles and merry grins for readers of all ages.

Mole Music book
Mole Music
Written and illustrated by David McPhail
picture book
Recommend Ages: 4-8

Feeling that something is missing in his simple life, Mole acquires a violin and learns to make beautiful, joyful music.

Rockabet book
Written by Kelly Polark and illustrated by Kelli Ann Little
picture book
Recommend Ages: 4-8

Are you ready to rock A to Z? Let's roll through some music history! ROCKABET: CLASSIC EDITION introduces classic artists of rock 'n' roll in catchy couplets. This fun book promotes the arts, literacy, and learning the ABC's. Cute illustrations depict musicians in a childlike manner. Reading rocks!

The Luck of the Loch Ness Monster book
The Luck of the Loch Ness Monster
Written by Alice Weaver Flaherty and illustrated by Scott Magoon
picture book
Recommend Ages: 7-10

A young American girl's picky eating habits transform a small worm into the famous Loch Ness monster. Includes facts about the biology of pickiness.

Daniel Tries a New Food book
Daniel Tries a New Food
Written by Becky Friedman and illustrated by Jason Fruchter
picture book
Recommend Ages: 3-7

Daniel Tiger puts his taste buds to the test in this charming new 8x8 storybook based on a popular episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood! Miss Elaina is coming over for dinner, so Mom Tiger is making two super-special foods! But Daniel and Miss Elaina are nervous about trying them. With some help from Mom and Dad, Miss Elaina Daniel learns that they’ve got to try new foods because they might taste good! This delightful story is perfect for helping little ones understand that trying new things—especially new foods—can be fun!

I Love to Eat Fruits and Vegetables book
I Love to Eat Fruits and Vegetables
Written by Shelley Admont and illustrated by Sonal Goyal, Sumit Sakhuja
picture book
Recommend Ages: 3-8

Jimmy, the little bunny, likes to eat candy, but doesn't even want to taste fruits and vegetables. He sneaks into the kitchen to try to find a bag with candies that was hidden inside the cupboard. What happens right after Jimmy climbs up to reach the bag of candy? You will find out when you read this illustrated children's book. Since that day, Jimmy starts to develop healthy eating habits and even likes to eat his fruits and vegetables.

Picky Micky - The boy who thought new food was icky icky! book
Picky Micky - The boy who thought new food was icky icky!
Written and illustrated by Tiffany A. Smith
picture book
Recommend Ages: 4-8

“Picky Micky, The boy who thought new food was icky icky!" is a rhyming story about an adventurous boy who loved to play and discover new things EXCEPT when it came to trying new food. Until one day his young cousins came over to visit and showed Micky how trying new food could be exciting and delicious. Micky was thrilled to discover a whole new world and also found a new favorite food in the process. "Picky Micky" is the first of a series of books about a young boy's discovery of the world around him.

Tales for Very Picky Eaters book
Tales for Very Picky Eaters
Written and illustrated by Josh Schneider
picture book
Recommend Ages: 6-9

A father tells outlandish stories while trying to get his young son, who is a very picky eater, to eat foods he thinks he will not like.

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