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A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting #2: Beasts & Geeks book
A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting #2: Beasts & Geeks
Written by Joe Ballarini and illustrated by Vivienne To
chapter book
Recommend Ages: 8-12

Goosebumps meets The Last Kids on Earth in the second action-packed adventure in a hilariously scary series about a secret society of monster-bashing babysitters. “This shining gem in the campy monster drama genre is a step up from R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps.” —School Library Journal Kelly’s been a celebrity ever since she defeated the Boogeyman and his army of nightmares on Halloween. But now all the other monsters want revenge. And if Kelly’s going to survive Babysitter Bootcamp, she’ll have to face the Spider Queen, whose wicked web turns her parents, BFF, and middle-school teachers into mindless minions. All in a night’s work!

A Bad Case of Stripes book
A Bad Case of Stripes
Written and illustrated by David Shannon
picture book
Recommend Ages: 4-8

In order to ensure her popularity, Camilla Cream always does what is expected, until the day arrives when she no longer recognizes herself.

A Ball for Daisy book
A Ball for Daisy
Written and illustrated by Chris Raschka
board book
Recommend Ages: 3-7

A wordless picture book shows the fun a dog has with her ball, and what happens when it is lost.

ABC book
Written and illustrated by Aino-Maija Metsola
board book
Recommend Ages: 1-3

Learn your alphabet with stylish artwork from Aino- Maija Metsola. With sturdy pages for little hands to hold, young readers will enjoy naming objects on every spread as they learn their A to Z.

ABC Animals! book
ABC Animals!
Written and illustrated by Rufus Butler Seder
board book
Recommend Ages: 1-5

The timeless appeal of alphabet books meets the richest Scanimation book ever. ABC Animals is a romping, stomping journey from A to Z, and all the animals come alive—as many as four to a page—in the excitement of Scanimation. It’s the alphabet as it’s never been seen before: Watch the Alligator snap, the Bats swooping, the Camel trot. There’s L for the Lion proudly prowling along, and M for the Mouse scurrying inside his wheel. And it all culminates in the largest Scanimation image yet: Z, for Zoo, where all the animals gather to play.

ABC Baby Signs book
ABC Baby Signs
Written and illustrated by Christiane Engel
board book
Recommend Ages: 3-6

ABC Baby Signs is a charming third installment in Christiane Engel's illustrated ABC for Me series, following in the footsteps of ABC Yoga and ABC Love. ABC Baby Signs features twenty-six of the most common, simple baby signs, such as "all done," "more," and "please," to teach babies and toddlers basic ways to communicate with their hands before they can verbalize their needs. This title features one sign per letter of the alphabet, a cute rhyming story, adorable illustrations, and sweet, illustrated demonstrations. Kids and their parents will love learning baby signs together!

ABC Color book
ABC Color
Written and illustrated by Ingela Peterson Arrhenius
board book
Recommend Ages: 3-6

ABC Color combines learning the alphabet with colors for an educational and fun board book for young children. Each page of this beautifully illustrated book features a different letter and little-known color, so children can learn about both topics at one time! Parents will love spending time with their kids as they learn, and kids will learn the fundamentals of letters and colors. Makes a gorgeous keepsake as children grow!

ABC: Early Learning at the Museum book
ABC: Early Learning at the Museum
Written by Nosy Crow and illustrated by The Trustees of the British Museum
board book
Recommend Ages: 0-3

Using amazing objects from the British Museum, this series of captivating board books encourages children to engage with early learning concepts. Inquisitive toddlers will enjoy learning their ABCs, 123s, opposites, and colors with gorgeous photographic images on every page

ABC French book
ABC French
Written and illustrated by Daniel Roode
board book
Recommend Ages: 3-6

ABC French is a gorgeously illustrated, engaging read that makes learning the alphabet and French words fun for the entire family. Learning French has never been more fantastique! The book pairs each letter of the French alphabet with a French word and its English translation. The included pronunciation guide helps teach the proper pronunciation of each word, making this book a perfect introduction to the French language. With colorful, engaging illustrations from children’s book author and illustrator Daniel Roode, both children and adults will love learning a new language with ABC French.

ABC Love book
ABC Love
Written and illustrated by Christiane Engel
board book
Recommend Ages: 3-6

An endearing twist on learning your ABCs! ABC Love pairs each letter of the alphabet with a word that teaches young children about important concepts like love, acceptance, affection, values, and warmth. A fun family read with playful, rhyming text, ABC Love makes learning the alphabet interactive and fun for preschool children and older. Its engaging illustrations and text promote togetherness between kids and their family and encourages them to act out each "love list" item, including everything from "embrace" for the letter "E" and "laugh" for "L," to "trust" for "T."

ABC Mindful Me book
ABC Mindful Me
Written and illustrated by Christiane Engel
board book
Recommend Ages: 3-6

Pairing simplified mindfulness principles with each letter of the alphabet, ABC Mindful Me features colorful illustrations of children and animals, as well as playful rhymes to explain each concept to toddlers (and their parents!). A fun read for the entire family, ABC Mindful Me is not only perfect for teaching toddlers their ABCs, but also for introducing them to key mindfulness tenants which promote physical and mental wellness, proper breathing, compassion, gratitude, and kindness. These key concepts will help to grow young readers' concentration, listening skills, and ability to manage emotions, stress, and anxiety. Plus, a handy index provides at-a-glance reference for 26 different mindfulness pillars for children to explore.

ABC of Australian Animals book
ABC of Australian Animals
Written and illustrated by Bronwyn Bancroft
picture book
Recommend Ages: 0-3

Introduces the letters of the alphabet through colorful illustrations from indigenous artists and simple text which examine the wildlife of Australia, featuring the kangaroo, bandicoot, echidna, cockatoo, goanna, and more.

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