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First Book of Emotions Books

Making Faces
Making Faces
Making Faces
Making Faces
Making Faces
Making Faces
Making Faces
board • 14 Pages
Making Faces
Book #1

Making Faces

Written by Abrams Appleseed
0 - 3
Reading age
Page count
May 30, 2017
Publication date
Board book


Look at the happy baby. Can you make a happy face? Find the happy baby! This bold, beautiful board book introduces five essential expressions: happy, sad, angry, surprised, and silly. Each is introduced with a large image of a baby’s face. Readers are asked to mimic the face, then pick it out from a group of other babies. The very last spread includes all of the expressions from the previous pages, and a mirror so readers can watch themselves make any face they please.

First Book of Emotions Series

1 book
board • 14 Pages
Making Faces
Board book
2017Making Faces14

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