2 Children's Books About Designer babies

Updated Jan. 19, 2019
Can You Say It, Too? Stomp! Stomp! book
Can You Say It, Too? Stomp! Stomp!
Written by Nosy Crow and illustrated by Sebastien Braun
board book
Recommend Ages: 0-3

Picture book. BOARD BOOK. PLEASE NOTE : lift-the-flap book. Featuring dinosaur noises, this is the next book in a stunning series of casebound, lift-the-flap board books for babies and toddlers. Five lavishly illustrated spreads, big, recessed flaps and a host of adorable animals to spot, name and mimic combine in this delightful little board book series for the very young. 1+

Baby Sees Colors! book
Baby Sees Colors!
Written by and illustrated by Akio Kashiwara
board book
Recommend Ages: 0-3

Based on decades of research and refinement, the art in this high-contrast board book is completely mesmerizing for newborns--helping them to focus. Babies as young as six weeks old can appreciate the bold shapes and colors in BABY LOOKS! and will benefit from hearing a parent's voice, and the bonding that naturally occurs when a loving adult reads to a baby. Receptive language skills develop right from the start, as babies soak in everything they hear, and eventually learn to associate particular sounds with familiar people and things. Hundreds of thousands of parents in Japan have already discovered the power of this little book, and now American parents can too!

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