The Littlest Elf

Written by Brandi Dougherty and illustrated by Kirsten Richards


A sweet holiday story from a New York Times bestselling duo! From the New York Times bestselling team that brought us The Littlest Pilgrim comes a sweet new holiday follow-up filled with Christmas cheer and adorable stickers! Oliver may be the littlest elf in the North Pole, but he has a big desire to discover his very special job in Santa's workshop! But after getting lost in the toy shop, making a mess at the bookshop, and falling in the mixing machine at the bakery, is the littlest elf just too little? Perhaps he just needs the littlest reindeer to remind him what Christmas is all about!

Elf in the House

Written by Ammi-Joan Paquette and illustrated by Adam Record

A little girl wakes up on Christmas Eve and hears different sounds while she walks through the house.

The Littlest Reindeer

Written by Brandi Dougherty and illustrated by Michelle Todd

Dot may be the littlest reindeer in the North Pole, but she has a big desire to help Santa pull his sleigh! But Dot just can't seem to fly the right way, no matter how hard she runs, leaps, and kicks. Will Dot learn to fly, or is the littlest reindeer just too little?

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