Graduation Gift Worthy: Board Books For Kids

Moving on to the next stage of life, be that graduation from kindergarten, high school or college is a beautiful and momentous occasion, and is a great opportunity to express love for and confidence in those you cherish. Regardless of the age of a graduate, children's books make a great gift that's both sentimental as well as useful (and sometimes a little humorous), and while "Oh the Places You'll Go" is the most common choice, there are some other fabulous choices that will let you gift outside the box—these are a few of our favorites!

Be Happy! book
Be Happy!
Written and illustrated by Monica Sheehan
board book
Recommend Ages: 2-5
Thoughts from B is for Bookworm

I love the encouraging, hopeful, and happy messages in this book! I appreciate the reminders of qualities we can have or develop to help us be happy. :) I think it's great that the end of the book is a question and that it can get you talking further about what makes you happy!

Monica Sheehan has taken her bestselling book be happy. and created an irresistible little gem for people BIG & small. So open it up and get inspired to . . . Sing and dance a little! Have fun! Be kind--be brave! And be the best YOU.

You! book
Written and illustrated by Sandra Magsamen
board book
Recommend Ages: 4-10

A life full of adventure first requires big dreams. And big dreams need big encouragement. From world-renowned author and artist Sandra Magsamen comes YOU!, offering inspiration and hope to readers from 1 to 100. Includes colorful, lively illustrations along with whimsical rhyming text that can be cherished in almost any setting.

You're Here for a Reason book
You're Here for a Reason
Written and illustrated by Nancy Tillman
board book
Recommend Ages: 4-8

Now available in board book, You're Here for a Reason, from national-bestselling and beloved author Nancy Tillman, takes a universal truth and makes it accessible for readers young and old. Not only are we loved, but we also matter. In this tender and timeless read-along book, Tillman reminds us of this message in beautiful illustrations as children and animals interact with acts of kindness. You're here for a reason. If you think you're not I would just say that perhaps you forgot . . . a piece of the world that is precious and dear would surely be missing if you weren't here. If not for your smile and your laugh and your heart this place we call home would be minus a part. Thank goodness you're here! Thank goodness times two! I just can't imagine a world without you. Not only are we loved, but we also matter. Once again, NancyTillman takes a universal truth and makes it accessible forreaders young and old, as children and animals interact withacts of kindness.

Toy Boat book
Toy Boat
Written by Randall de Seve and illustrated by Loren Long, Randall de Seve
board book
Recommend Ages: 0-2

A toy boat gets separated from its owner and has an adventure on the high seas.

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