The Gingerbread Pirates

Written by Kristin Kladstrup and illustrated by Matt Tavares


What if a brave Captain Cookie stood up to Santa? A fresh, funny story that sparkles with all the excitement of a pirate adventure — and all the magic of Christmas morning. (Ages 4-10) A funny and magical Christmas story about a gingerbread pirate, Captain Cookie, and his daring adventure on Christmas eve to rescue his crew from a mysterious cannibal named Santa Claus…

Are You the Pirate Captain?

Written by Gareth P. Jones and illustrated by Garry Parsons


First Mate Hugh has the whole crew and the pirate ship ready, but they can't set sail until they find a captain! Come on this swashbuckling adventure as Hugh and his scurvy seadogs try to find the perfect pirate for the job. Rather than a peg leg or a hook, it turns out that what their captain needs is the brains to lead! Endpages adorned with lively pirate songs make this book a seaworthy tale from beginning to end!

Pirate's Lullaby

Written by Marcie Wessels and illustrated by Tim Bowers


"Yo ho ho! It's bedtime, but first it's mutiny! This little pirate will do anything to avoid going to sleep. Read along in fun pirate lingo as our young swashbuckler stows his toys in his "treasure chest", searches for his best "mate" (peg-legged Captain Teddy), plays a game of "walk the plank", and reads a few bedtime stories from "Davy Jones's Locker". Will Papa Pirate ever get his little one to catch "forty winks"? Young pirate fans will love this funny, rhyming bedtime story as they laugh along with the little pirate's plots to stay up. It's sure to get every young reader into his "bunk" night after night."

Daniela the Pirate

Written by Susanna Isern and illustrated by Gomez

Is being a pirate only for boys? That's not what Daniela thinks. Daniela dreams of becoming a pirate on the Black Croc boat, but it seems that the pirates are a little chauvinist. Captain Choppylobe makes Daniela go through diffcult challenges. Will Daniela make it?

Cap'n Rex & His Clever Crew

Written by Henry Herz and illustrated by Benjamin Schipper

Meet Captain Rex and his band of buccaneers. These dinosaur pirates sail the seven seas in search of buried treasure, but whenever they hit an obstacle like a giant shark or pea-soup fog the crew members are quick to say they can t overcome. But Captain Rex just glares and says, CAN T YE? And, somehow, the crew always comes up with a solution. Then one day the tables turn . . . and it s Captain Rex who must learn to say: I can! "

Rufus Goes to Sea

Written by Kim T Griswell and illustrated by Valeri Gorbachev

When school lets out for the summer, Rufus Leroy Williams III, a determined pig who loves to read, decides to become a pirate.

Prince and Pirate

Written by Charlotte Gunnufson and illustrated by Mike Lowery

When two little fish with big personalities have to share the same tank, there are rough seas ahead! Prince and Pirate are proud masters of their very own fishbowls, and life goes along swimmingly—until they’re scooped up and plopped into shared waters. Prince is horrified to find this cheeky cod trespassing in his kingdom. Pirate is sure this scurvy sea slug has come to plunder his treasure. Thus, a battle of regal sneers, seaworthy stink-eyes, and off-the-hook insults begins. Prince and Pirate’s hilarious duel for territory will elicit gales of giggles, hearty guffaws, and heartfelt smiles. Just when it seems their struggle might end in a silly stalemate, a little surprise convinces them to find a way to get along—swimmingly.

A Pirate's Night Before Christmas

Written by Philip Yates and illustrated by Sebastià Serra

On a ship of mischievous brigands--who have visions of treasure chests dancing in their heads--Sir Peggedy, with his peg leg and hook arm, pays a visit to the child-friendly pirates along with his eight giant seahorses: Salty, Scurvy, Sinbad, Mollie, Cutthroat, Cross-Eyes, Roger, and Jolly.

Pirate's Twelve Days of Christmas

Written by Philip Yates and illustrated by Sebastià Serra

Ahoy mateys Christmas be comin, and even pirates celebrate! In this sly, high-seas reimagining of The Twelve Days of Christmas," a brave cabin boy receives marvelously mysterious gifts for 12 days. But who are they from? With a lively sense of fun and rhythm, Philip Yates and Sebastia Serra create a delightful world all their own."

Twenty-six Pirates

Written and illustrated by Dave Horowitz

Dave Horowitz’s swashbuckling cut-paper artwork is packed with clever details in this epic companion to his popular Twenty-six Princesses. This rhyming alphabet book is chock full of fun as 26 mischievous pirates head to Captain Frogbeard’s ship where they hope to join the crew—and the fun! From Arty to Zach, the Pirates of the Alphabet are the most colorful crew on the high seas!

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