Best Kids Books About Potty training

The Top 18 Books To Help Your Child Through Potty Training

Updated Jan. 27, 2019

As any parent knows, potty training can be a stressful, crazy, and messy time. While there are many different potty-training methods and each child is unique, we've gathered all the best books on potty training that will help you and your child conquer this milestone. These children's books are sure to inspire, encourage, and motivate your little one to succeed and help you through the process as feasibly as possible.

Go, Pea, Go! book
Go, Pea, Go!
Written and illustrated by Chris Sonnenburg, Joe Moshier
picture book
Recommend Ages: 3-6
Thoughts from B is for Bookworm

This book is so great! Pea Jr. runs a race in this book. I love that it shows him running an actual race with the idea of potty training throughout the book. My favorite part was definitely the Singing in the Rain reference. :) The illustrations are darling and this book teaches focus and determination, even when it seems hard to try to meet your goal! There's even a potty training chart and song in the back of the book.

Thoughts from Mr. Stacatto

Such a fun read with each page cheering "Go, Pea, Go!" There are plenty of humorous subtleties that parents will enjoy. My son who is just starting to show interest in going to the potty has really enjoyed this book and often asks if we can read the "pea book".

Pea Junior has to go, go, go, go! The end feels so far away, but with his family and friends cheering him on, Pea knows he can make it and go number one! A potty chart, a sheet of stickers, and the lyrics and music notation for the "Go, Pea, Go!" song are included to make an easy, all-in-one, go-to book for parents to help ease the pressure of the race to the Pea Bowl.

Even Superheroes Use the Potty book
Even Superheroes Use the Potty
Written by Sara Crow and illustrated by Adam Record
picture book
Recommend Ages: 0-3
Thoughts from The Book Snob Mom

As a potty training book, this is truly fabulous. The illustrations are cute and modern and the rhymes using a broad bathroom vocabulary are really clever. The message? EVERYONE has to use the bathroom, no matter what they're doing or how important it is and that's normal!

It’s potty time for superheroes, firefighters, ninjas, soldiers, and KIDS! Young ones will enjoy this funny, rhyming story that teaches great bathroom habits with the promise that all their heroes use the potty too. And the book comes with stickers and a bathroom reward chart, so good potty habits can be celebrated each time kids put the lid down, flush, and wash their hands! It’s a book-and-sticker package that will help parents achieve toilet-training harmony. And don’t miss the companion book—Even Superheroes Have to Sleep!—to help restless kids settle in at night.

Goldilocks and the Just Right Potty book
Goldilocks and the Just Right Potty
Written and illustrated by Leigh Hodgkinson
picture book
Recommend Ages: 2-5
Thoughts from The Book Snob Mom

The illustrations in this book were definitely my favorite part of this book—they are amazing, fun and unique. I love fractured fairy tales and anything akin to them, but I felt like this book didn't quite live up to my high hopes in terms of a Goldilocks parody. As a potty training book, however, it gives you an opportunity to talk about finding undies your child is excited about, their special potty that's just the right size for them (if applicable) and that even though it may be hard and there may be some accidents along the way, they'll eventually be successful!

"While most potty books strike readers as too old or too young, here's one that almost everyone can agree is (you guessed it) just right." - Kirkus Reviews Little Goldilocks wants to wear underwear -- big-girl underwear that's not too silly and not too frilly, but just right. But that means she also needs to find the "just right" potty. Will she know when she needs to go? And will she get to the potty in time? Find out in this lighthearted story that will have parents and their little ones feeling ready to tackle toilet training.

Even Firefighters Go to the Potty book
Even Firefighters Go to the Potty
Written by Naomi Wax, Wendy Wax and illustrated by Stephen Gilpin
picture book
Recommend Ages: 2-5
Thoughts from Mr. Stacatto

The firetruck is ready to go, but where is the firefighter? Lift the flap to reveal that he's going to the potty! This book seems highly targeted at boys since there is only one example of a female doctor going to the potty (on closer inspection the doctor could also be a man with long hair). Other individuals going to the potty include a police officer, a baseball player, a construction worker, an astronaut, a waiter, and a captain.

Clang! Clang! Clang! The fire truck is pulling out of the station. But wait! Where is the firefighter going? To the potty! Even firefighters go to the potty! Toddlers are uneasy about toilet training. And in most cases, even if they know they have to go, sometimes they are too busy to bother. In this hilarious gate-fold story, each person--from a firefighter on the way to answer a fire alarm to a zoo keeper on the way to feed the polar bears--stops what they are doing to go to the potty. With humor and no pedantics, toddlers learn that everybody uses the potty.

Everyone Poops book
Everyone Poops
Written by Taro Gomi and illustrated by Amanda Mayer Stinchecum
picture book
Recommend Ages: 5-6

Shows how creatures throughout the animal world--including humans--deal with the products of digestion.

The Potty Train book
The Potty Train
Written by Ruth Kennison, David Hochman and illustrated by Derek Anderson
picture book
Recommend Ages: 1-4

Despite a few bumps, leaks, and spills along the way, the trip overall is a great success as the kids aboard the colorful train take great delight in their potty-training journey to Underpants Station.

The Perfect Potty Zoo: The Funniest ABC Book book
The Perfect Potty Zoo: The Funniest ABC Book
Written by Agnes Green and illustrated by Zhanna Mendel
picture book
Recommend Ages: 2-5

WHAT IF ANIMALS POTTY TRAINED? "Animals from A to Z are very much like you, They play, they eat, they sleep, they dream, They even pee and poo!" The book answers important potty time questions! "Definitely isn't just another potty book. It is silly, fun, and colorful." "Unique twist on a potty book and an alphabet book." "Animals that you wouldn't think of to illustrate going potty. Thought E would be an elephant?" "Should keep your child sitting long enough to take care of business." Includes catchy rhymes and great illustrations. Overload of fun and cuteness! Makes you both smile and read over and over. Must-have for your bookshelf if your child is 2 to 5 years old. Follow the antics of 27 very different animals from air, land, and sea as they all go potty in this beautifully imaginative rhyming ABC book. Accompanied with vivid, full-color illustrations from artist Zhanna Mendel.

The Princess and the Potty book
The Princess and the Potty
Written by Wendy Cheyette Lewison and illustrated by Rick Brown
picture book
Recommend Ages: 1-5

When everything fails to persuade the princess to use her potty, the king and queen consult the royal advisor who gives them valuable advice.

Skip to the Loo, My Darling! book
Skip to the Loo, My Darling!
Written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrated by Anita Jeram
picture book
Recommend Ages: 2-5

Sally Lloyd-Jones's riotous narration and Anita Jeram's endearing illustrations make this a charming and energetic invitation to potty trainees everywhere. Bunny wants his potty. What will Bunny do? Only one thing for it . . . skip to the loo! Bunny's not the only one skipping to the loo. Look who else wants their potty! Quite a few. . . . With rollicking rhythm, Sally Lloyd-Jones gets the party going in a book that simply rejoices in the call of nature. Everyone is invited to celebrate—from a lonely dodo to a wibbly woo, from Lord and Lady Huff Puff to an elephant in a tutu. But when the party is in full swing and everyone's on their potty, Bunny sees that someone very important is missing. Who could it be?

My Big Girl Potty book
My Big Girl Potty
Written by Joanna Cole and illustrated by Maxie Chambliss
picture book
Recommend Ages: 2-8

Ashley learns to pee and poop in her potty and makes the transition from diapers to big-girl pants. Includes tips for successful potty teaching.

Poop! There It Is! book
Poop! There It Is!
Written by Xavier Finkley and illustrated by Nayan Soni
picture book
Recommend Ages: 1-4

Every parent knows how difficult potty training can be. Shed a little humor on the subject by reading your child "Poop! There it is!". Kids will giggle and laugh along with this silly book while learning the basics of potty training.

A Potty for Me! book
A Potty for Me!
Written and illustrated by Karen Katz
picture book
Recommend Ages: 1-5

With interactive flaps and child-appealing text, the author describes the steps a toddler must go through in learning how to use the potty.

The Potty Book for Girls book
The Potty Book for Girls
Written by Alyssa Satin Capucilli and illustrated by Dorothy Stott
picture book
Recommend Ages: 2-4

A little girl receives her own potty, and in spite of accidents, she makes her mom and dad proud when she no longer has to wear diapers.

Princess Potty book
Princess Potty
Written by Samantha Berger and illustrated by Amy Cartwright
picture book
Recommend Ages: 2-4

After formally announcing that she has to go pee-pee or poo-poo, a princess rides her royal pony to the royal bathroom where she goes potty and gets a special princess sticker for her tiara as a reward.

Toilet Tales book
Toilet Tales
Written and illustrated by Andrea Wayne von Königslöw
picture book
Recommend Ages: 1-5

Various animals demonstrate humorous reasons why they cannot use the toilet like children and grownups can.

I Want My Potty book
I Want My Potty
Written and illustrated by Tony Ross
picture book
Recommend Ages: 2-5

A little princess, tired of nappies, learns to use the potty, although it's not always easy.

Sam's Potty book
Sam's Potty
Written by Barbro Lindgren and illustrated by Eva Eriksson
picture book
Recommend Ages: 2-4

In this funny picture book, a toddler named Sam, who knows what he wants, learns to be proud of his new potty.

The Potty Book for Boys book
The Potty Book for Boys
Written by Alyssa Satin Capucilli and illustrated by Dorothy Stott
picture book
Recommend Ages: 1-4

A little boy receives his own potty, and in spite of accidents, he makes his mom and dad proud when he no longer has to wear diapers.

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