We are Better Together Book
We are Better Together Book
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We are Better Together

Written by Roger Priddy

Published by Priddy Books


Publisher's Summary

You can't paint a picture without paint, or make a milkshake without milk. This charming book of teamwork and friendship shows how individual things are so much better, when they all work together! Flour, eggs, butter, and sugar all join together to make a cake; paper, scissors, and tape wrap a beautiful present. Designed with a mixture of photographs and fun illustrations to engage little ones and make them smile, there are cute rhymes to read and share in this celebration of teamwork in its many forms.

Topics in We are Better Together


  • Age Range: 1-3
  • Pages: 20
  • Book Type: board
  • Publication Date: April 12, 2016
  • ISBN: 031252031X
  • ISBN 13: 978-0312520311
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The Book Snob Mom
Mom, Avid Reader, Austen Fangirl

I was a little lukewarm on this book until I read it 100 times to my toddler (who loves it!) and realized that a) I wasn't getting particularly tired of it and b) it was great for playing "I spy" and he was getting name actual pictures of things he sees in everyday life. The illustration style of drawings over photographs is original and fun and it's now a favorite at our house—plus the message is fabulous!

B is for Bookworm
Human Development Degree, Book-loving aunt

The illustrations in this book are so fun--a mix of real pictures and illustrations. Some of the images have a different texture. This book has a lot of great content. There are a lot of different items in the book to look at and talk about, different colors, and a lot of different topics. Overall, I just love the personality in this book and think it's adorable!

Roger Priddy

Roger Priddy is the founder of Priddy books.

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Roger Priddy

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